Whoop, these dream jobs are coming fast! This listing for Comics Outreach Lead at Kickstarter would instantly put you at the top of the power list for comics!

Some of the details:

About the Role:

You will leverage your passion for comics and your understanding of the comics publishing world to inspire independent comics writers, artists, and publishers, and help them to integrate Kickstarter and Drip into their process. This role will involve traveling to events locally, nationally, and internationally, meeting creators in our Greenpoint office, and a lot of communication via phone/Skype and email.

In This Role, You Will Be Responsible for the Following: 


  • Identifying and connecting with independent comics creators and illustrators, and inspiring them to bring their projects to Kickstarter. 
  • Working closely with project creators to shape the story of their campaigns, and identifying audiences most excited to engage with them. 
  • Building visibility for Drip in the comics world, and bring great creators onto the platform. 


  • Being the initial touchpoint for comics creators launching Kickstarter campaigns, helping them shape the narrative of their project and identify the audiences most excited to support them. 
  • Adopting work processes and tools to track, share, and optimize our outreach efforts across geographies and communities. 


  • Supporting the curation team’s efforts by identifying strong projects and presenting them for additional support. 
  • Staying up to date on trends in the comics community, and helping the folks at Kickstarter and Drip understand how these trends impact creators. 
  • Advocating for the comics community’s needs within Kickstarter and Drip, and acting as the bridge between the company and these communities. 

About You 

  • You have 3-5 years of experience creating and/or working on comics or in publishing in some capacity. 

  • You have a genuine passion for the opportunity Kickstarter represents for the entire comics and illustration ecosystem. 

  • You are impeccably organized and capable of working on many projects at once without losing focus on the bigger picture. 

  • You are a self-starter, an entrepreneurial, creative, energetic, generous person with an eye for what will inspire people to support the arts. 

  • You are available and excited to travel up to 30% of the time.

I’m not sure who this position replaces or if it’s a new one. Margo Atwell, Kickstarrer’s Director of Publishing, is involved with comics but in a tweet she indicate this will be a new person:

With Patreon whiffing it of late, Kickstarter’s new ongoing Drip funding platform – based on recurring pledges as opposed to one big pot –  could become very VERY key for the comics community so whoever gets this gig is, as we say, going to have one of the key roles in comics.