Can people get enough of Grumpy Cat? I don’t think so. ICv2 recently reported that the first collection of the Dynamite comic featuring the cranky kitty has been sold in to Scholastic book fairs, and already has orders of more than 100,000 copies via various channels. The first four issue series has been a hit, and a second series begins next Spring. The collection hits stores on February 24.

Scholastic Book Fairs are a secret dynamo of comics sales—once a book gets into the system six figure print runs are not uncommon. The books are sold at a steeply discounted price, but it’s still a significant revenue booster….and a great way to get kids reading comics, which isn’t that hard but still.

In addition, Grumpy, aka Tardar Sauce, will appear on the other cover of Dynamite’s Gold Sponsor FCBD comic, as shown above, along with the Bob’s Burgers cover we just showed you.

“We have been blown away by the response from fans and retailers alike on these two series” said Dynamite’s Nick Barucci. “When considering what would books could really help retailers bring in new fans of all ages this coming year, we couldn’t think of any better choices than the beloved animated series and internet sensation of Bob’s Burgers and Grumpy Cat!”


  1. Who is it that writes this title, again? It seems to get a lot of coverage without mentioning the artists involved.

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