As long as we’re throwing some numbers around, Barnes & Nobles has stepped on the DObletake train , purchasing some 7,600 Super Packs for the holidays. Each Super Pack contains 10 comics so that’s 76,000 issues total. B&N will carry the book through the holiday season and the Graphic novels when they come outing the spring.

DoubleTake, as we’ve mentioned a few times here, is a joint venture with video game company Take Two, led by legendary comics exec Bill Jemas, who came up with the unorthodox marketing ride of packing all ten of the company’s launch titles into Super Back bundles. I’m told it was this “bundle” idea that sold B&N on stocking the titles.

The Double Take line spins out of the Ultimate Night of the Living Dead universe, based on the public domain Night of the Living Dead film. The company is also offering free #1 and a new free #2 issue every day. Details here.


  1. Okay… those digital comics… not my cuppa, what with the dialogue at the bottom. It’s an interesting solution for PDF comics (where each panel takes up a screen), but it gets tedious.

    Also, “Honor” has some adult situations, definitely PG-13.

    What’s the cover price?

    Meanwhile, what’s up with Red Giant?

  2. Hopefully The Beat will follow up on the returns by Barnes and Noble. Given the lack of quality in Double Take, I’m guessing 76,000.

  3. Based on what I’ve seen of these comics so far, that’s a lotta crud they just wasted capital and cash flow on.

  4. Man, I’m not sure who is in charge of marketing Double Take, but they’re doing an amazing job with some very bad ideas. The formatting, style of launch (cancelling the first batch of solicitations for a Kickstarter funded blast of TEN TITLES ALL AT ONCE), the ludicrous price point ($2.50? Oh honey who taught you how to business) and the chances of sustainability are all very precarious, carried on the shoulders of talent they surely haven’t paid well and are, despite their best efforts, not familiar with the intricacies of the printed or digital comic book format.

    That said, this isn’t a slouch. I just worry about the folks who pick these up and think these are representative of the medium.

  5. It’s not that hard to write a press release on their bad ideas. It’s just a matter of someone dumb enough to publish a story that compliments it.

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