Ghost Rider HuluBack in May, Hulu announced two new Marvel streaming television series to join Runaways in their live-action lineup; one of those two projects was Ghost Rider starring Gabriel Luna who originated the on-screen version of Robbie Reyes on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. previously. It was a bit of a curious decision, as Marvel Studios has continued to consolidate its television arm and properties within the stratosphere of the soon to launch Disney+, but nevertheless Jeph Loeb‘s work at Marvel Television continued, though to lower profile degree than it had in the past. But according to Deadline, citing an insurmountable creative impasse between Hulu and the Ghost Rider team, the streamer has decided to not move forward with the series.

The series, which was announced alongside the currently moving forward Hellstrom, was going to be overseen by The Punisher‘s showrunner Steve Lightfoot – a positive sign, as The Punisher was one of the better received series of the Netflix-Marvel crop – but it’s unclear now whether or not Marvel Television will seek to find a new home for Robbie’s big return to television (even though this series was actually not connected to the SHIELD version at all, strangely enough).

Though one wonders if there’s potentially more to the story here, as rumors cropped up weeks ago and even resurfaced two days ago, that the grand poobah himself, Kevin Feige, had his eyes on Ghost Rider (and as we’ve learned, it only really “counts” if Marvel Studios has created it). If you had said that to me six months ago, I would have probably scoffed at it. But now with the upcoming Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel television series originating a number of fan favorites for the small screen, nothing seems too unlikely anymore. This also underlines the continuing crumbling of the Loeb side of the Marvel empire, relegated mostly to an animated crop and a few remaining live action offerings.