GHOST RIDER and HELSTROM headed to Hulu in 2020Despite the fact that Netflix and Marvel have completely parted ways, Hulu (of which Disney now owns 60% stock in) remains a go-to venue for Marvel on television. Just recently the network announced a third season of Runaways, which with the consolidation of everything Marvel under the Disney+ banner wasn’t exactly a given. But now comes an even bigger surprise…Hulu announced today the development of two more Marvel tv series: Ghost Rider and Helstrom.
Both properties are tied into one another historically, having debuted during Marvel’s horror hey-day in the 70’s (Ghost Rider was created by Roy Thomas, Gary Friedrich, and Mike Ploog; Hellstrom was created by Thomas, Friedrich, and Tom Sutton), but these versions of the two titles will be focused on revamped takes.
Ghost Rider will feature the Robbie Reyes, car driving version that Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore introduced a few years back. Reyes appeared on ABC’s Agents of SHIELD in guest appearances, and the man behind the skull, Gabriel Luna, will return for this series. Ingrid Escajeda will serve as showrunner and executive producer, with Paul Zbyszewski executive producing as well.
Helstrom will focus on Daimon and Ana Helstrom, a brother and sister pair, whose father is a powerful serial killer (Daimon’s daddy was Satan in the comics, so…). The series will showcase them tracking down the worst of humanity, so in a way it sounds a bit like Supernatural in premise? Just replace killers with demons I guess. Zbyzewski will showrun this series.
Both shows will fall under the same Marvel Television banner as everything that’s appeared on ABC, Netflix and Hulu so far, so don’t expect any real MCU connections. It’s a little surprising that we’re still seeing expansion of the Jeph Loeb produced side of things after the “Defenders culling” occurred, but one assumes whatever Kevin Feige and co. have no use for is fair game for others.
Ghost Rider and Hellstrom are expected to debut in 2020.