Convention season is still rolling on, and New Jersey is getting a full-service con on November 21-22 with the New Jersey Comic Expo and they’ve just announced a special guests in the form of Garth Ennis. Ennis rarely does conventions so this is a good chance to hear him talk about Preacher, The Boys and his new project which is called, unexpectedly, A Train Called Love. And from the cover, above you can see this will be something very unusual, bunnies included.

Ennis speaks at 1 pm on Saturday. The rest of the guest list is excellent as well including:

Chris Claremont (Writer of Uncanny X-Men, The New Mutants, Fantastic Four)
Fabian Nicieza (Co-Creator of Deadpool and X-Force; Writer for X-Men, X-Force, Thunderbolts)
Peter J. Tomasi (Writer – Detective Comics, Batman and Robin, Superman/Wonder Woman, Batman: Arkham Knight , as well Light Brigade & The Mighty, published by Dark Horse)
Jeff King (Television producer/writer; White Clollar, Due South, Writer on DC’s Convergence)
Alan Robert (Founding member of Life of Agony, creator, writer & artist of IDW’s Killogy, Crawl To Me, Wire Hangers)
Bryan J.L. Glass (Multiple Harvey award-winning creator/writer of Mice Templar from Image Comics, Furious from Dark Horse)
Erica Schultz (Writer for Swords of Sorrow, Rise)
Frank Tieri (Writer of Weapon X, Wolverine, Iron Man, Grifter, Batman Underground, Deadpool)
Jamal Igle (Creator of Molly Danger, Inkpot award-winning writer and artist)
Joe Caramagna (Writer – Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-man: Web Warriors, Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble Season 2)
Joe Harris (Comic book writer & filmmaker; IDW’s X-Files, Image’s Great Pacific, Firestorm)
Justin Gray (Writer on All-Star Western, Jonah Hex, Batwing, Power Girl, Forager, Abbadon, Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters)
Mark Poulton (Writer of Avengelyne, Savage Hawkman, and All Superheroes Must Die. Creator of A Cat Named Haiku and Koni Waves)
Ben McCool (Writer of Grumpy Cat, Choker and Pigs)

Now I know what you are thinking: New Jersey. Well The Beat is a proud New Jersey native and it’s about time Jersey got in on the comic con excitement! I’ll be moderating a bunch of panels there myself and showing off my Jersey Pride.

It’s also very family friendly, with kids under 10 getting in free for the entire show.

This show is put on by the folks behind the Long Beach Comic Con, so it should be a full service show. “We are blown away by the support we’ve received from the creators,” said Martha Donato, Executive Director and Founder of the New Jersey Comic Expo. “We are thrilled to have Garth at our inaugural New Jersey event. His work on Preacher and The Boys is well known in the comics world and with the launch of his AMC TV series, he’ll soon be a household name. ”


  1. It looks like a great show, but for this New York resident, I’d be taking a train, then a bus, then walking for 30 minutes.

    I hope there are shuttles to the hotels (a 30-minute walk) and to the Metuchen train station.

    This will be the third major comic con in New Jersey this year. (Meadowlands, Atlantic City, Edison)
    That’s pretty amazing, for a state which gets overshadowed by Philadelphia and New York!

  2. I’ve been told you can take NJ transit in from Penn Station to the Edison or Metro park stop, then hop in a cab to get to the Expo center. The cab is something like 15 bucks. Check it out!

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