One of the more intriguing developments in recent years in comics retailing has been the resurgence of comics sales in national book chains. Yes I know there are fewer of them, but they are still here and Virgin Records and Blockbuster Video aren’t. Barnes & Nobles has expanded its graphic novel section a great deal, and Books A Million has as well. BAM is the other big national chain in the US and in addition to expanding their current graphic novel section, they’ve taken a big interest in variant comics.

BAM started out by creating their own variant comics in a partnership with another chain of stores, 2nd & Charles. In the past month, however, they have become one of the first suppliers of a new line of variant comics, Fried Pie Comics. Fried Pie Comics are currently available at BAM and 2nd & Charles but are quickly to other comic shops through a connection with American Wholesale Book Company as a distributor.

And here’s a first look at the Mike McKone variant cover for the Deadpool collection of the series by Gerry Duggan and Mike Hawthorne.

BAM’s dedication to carrying comics is an important part of GN marketing to the mainstream audience, and we’ll have more about it in the coming weeks. And maybe a few more cover peeks! Thanks to BAM’s Spencer Simpson for setting this up. If you want more information on carrying Fried Pie variants, email info @