You know how warm and cuddly and special Alan Moore gets when they makes movies from his work?

Well imagine how happy and chipper he’ll be if there is a weekly League of Extraordinary Gentlemen TV show on Fox.

THR is reporting that Fox—which produced the generally petrifyingly awful LOEG movie, a film so misguided it drove Sean Connery away from the movie business entirely—has put in a pilot order for a comic based on the Moore/Kevin O’Neill classic about public domain good guys and bad good guys who band together to fight other public domain bad bad guys.

Michael Green (Green Lantern, Kings, The River, Heroes, Smallville) will serve as writer and executive producer and, should the project go to series, showrunner. 3 Arts’ Erwin Stoff (The Matrix, Kings) will also executive produce. Neither Moore nor O’Neill will be producers on the series.

YA THINK??!!?!??

The project comes as classic literary characters including Jekyll and Hyde and others continues to be popular on the small screen. NBC for its part attempted a Jekyll and Hyde drama (Do No Harm) last year, which was canceled after two episodes. Showtime, meanwhile, is prepping Penny Dreadful, a monster origin story drama series featuring classic monsters from Dracula like Dr. Frankenstein and more. NBC will also launch its own Dracula series in the fall with Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Producers Don Murphy and Joel Silver were involved with LoeG when it was a movie—no word on their involvement this time, but they’ll probably get a percentage.

I will say I do hope this TV show gets a greenlight if for NO OTHER REASON than that Top Shelf—current publisher of new League materials—will make lots and lots and lots and lots of money. DC Comics, the previous publisher, will also make lots of money, and that’s okay too.


  1. Michael Green is a good writer, there’s that. Well, actually, come to think of it so is James Robinson, who was one of the writers of the movie.

  2. I just realized…

    Why doesn’t Fox make an X-Men TV show?
    Don’t they have the rights to all the Marvel mutants?

    Here’s my pitch:
    Think “The Incredible Hulk” meets “Tenspeed and Brown Shoe” by way of “X-Files”.

    Two mutants travel the country, using Cerebro to find new mutants before The Hellfire Club. In addition to the Hellfire Club, there’s also a shadowy NGO trailing them, with their own agenda.

    The hook: Fox announces the guest stars, but does not identify which characters are appearing in the episode!

  3. I can see how Fox was able to use the material when it was with DC, but can they still use it now that it isn’t? Unless they base everything off of their movie version, or only use material that DC still has in print.

  4. oh yeah was buffy bad? i missed that jeres hoping dorian grey tom sawyer bromance ignites passionated gay sex on tv only way this idea could be any worse. the idea being tv show i love the league

  5. Leah Moore has tweeted that this pilot can only draw from the movie, as that’s all that Fox owns. Hope you guys like more adventures of adult Tom Sawyer!

  6. “Leah Moore has tweeted that this pilot can only draw from the movie, as that’s all that Fox owns. Hope you guys like more adventures of adult Tom Sawyer!”

    But in theory they could introduce any other public domain characters they want, right? They just couldn’t follow the plot of the series to closely. So likely no League War of the Worlds season.

  7. i’d rank the buffy movie pretty far ahead of the tv show, taken en toto. how can anything involving paul reubens be bad? its impossible.

    i doubt this tv show will be any good if it gets made, but i’m all for other people spending their own millions and millions of dollars on sci fi and fantasy entertainment.

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