Aron Nels Steinke has a fine body of work both in mini comics and full length GNs for kids, and his new one from Scholastic fuses both. Steinke won an Eisner for co-authoring and illustrating THE ZOO BOX, a kids GN from First Second. And Mr. Wolf is a long running character in Steinke’s webcomic – a grade school teacher, perhaps inspired by Steinke’s own experiences as a Montessori teacher.

Mr. Wolf's Class Cover

Aron Nels Steinke by Renee Lopez_author photoAnd now MR. WOLF’S CLASS is coming from Scholastic Books. It’s the anthropomorphic story of a fourth grade teacher:

Mr. Wolf has just started teaching fourth grade at Hazelwood Elementary. He wants the first day of school to go well, but he’s got his hands full with his new class. Some of his students include: Margot, a new student who is trying to make friends. She might have something in common with Sampson, who brought something special to school for show-and-tell. Aziza just wants everyone to be quiet and do their work. Meanwhile, Penny, who is VERY sleepy because she has a new baby brother at home, goes missing! This delightful new series captures the everyday — and unexpected — ups and downs of an elementary classroom.

Scholastic has given the Beat the EXCLUSIVE first look at the cover and a few interior pages. Mr. Wolfe’s Class comes out in mis 2018 but it looks to be another winning tale from Steinke and Scholastic Graphix.

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