If you haven’t checked out the Study Group webcomic site, you are missing some great stuff, which we hope to be spotlighting in more depth very soonish, but for now, here’s The Blonde Woman – Part 1 – by Aidan Koch, an abstract, mysterious opus that many art comics readers have been buzzing about. Koch is also the author of THE WHALE and other stuff you can see here.


  1. It’s an art comic.
    If you look at it as you would a mainstream (or even literary) comic, of course it will come off as pretentious.
    It’s not (generally), it just has different goals.

  2. Didn’t think it was pretentious either; she is just working outside of some folks’ comfort zone.

    The two panel juxtaposition of the tangled yellow and straight yellow lines that parallel the woman’s combing–other cartoonists wish that they could get away with that sort of stuff.