has an exclusive rumor:

Sources close to both and production on the film have told us that a fan favorite from the comic books will be making an appearance in the upcoming film: Ego, the Living Planet, is set to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

I’m not surprised.

Why? Because I noticed this, last July:

Disney Playmation Avenges globe_bg_61b7f465

What’s this? It’s the map from Disney’s Avengers Playmation app. (It’s a pretty cool piece of tech, letting kids use their imaginations in conjunction with gear and action figurines.) Notice the icon on the lower left corner…

So, I’m not surprised. (Although I did have a nerdgasm last summer.) Especially since Ego first appeared in Thor, and not The Fantastic Four, and thus is “available” for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now… about “Dino World“… I think that’s the Savage Land, transplanted from Antarctica. (The Savage Land first appeared in X-Men, so Fox’s license prevents the usage.) I suspect, given the tropical nature of most dinosaur environments, it will be featured in The Black Panther movie.

In case you didn’t read that article from last July, Playmation also includes the Iron Skull (Red Skull + stolen Iron Man armor) in the starter set and MODOK. MODOK, you may recall, was a creation of AIM, and a frequent Captain America nemesis. Will they appear in future movies? I HOPE SO!

Now… anyone want to suggest who should voice Ego? My choice? Maurice LaMarche.





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