Human history has a lot of dark moments….the Armenian genocide is one of them. Devil’s Due has been around for a long time, and had ups, downs and all arounds, but they have a very interesting project coming out in April called Operation Nemesis: A Story of Genocide & Revenge a graphic novel honoring the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. In 1915, Talaat Pasha, leader of the Turkish Ottomon Empire ordered the mass execution of every Armenian within his nation’s borders, resulting in the death of over 1,500,000 victims. Writer Josh Blaylocl and artist Hoyl Silva tell the story of Soghomon Tehlirian, an Armenian survivor who killed Pasha on the streets of Berlin… and walked away from court a free man.

Besides Blaylock and Hoyt, Greg & Fake Studio provide the colors, and David Krikorian and Thomas Dardarian are listed as producer and co-producer respectively.  Pin-ups will be provided by Dan Panosian, Sedat Oezgen, and Harry Bogosian, son of monologist Eric Bogosian, and formerly a student of Paul Pope.

Bogosian Sr. has a prose book on the same topic coming out later.

Here’s a first look preview at the OPERATION NEMESIS graphic novel.



  1. The coloring is pretty generic and makes something as heavy as genocide look lighthearted somehow. why would you use such a bright teal on so much of a background in one of the panels for example. black and white lends itself to the art and subject-matter better. It feel like the coloring is there to compensate for the lack of back grounds. if anything, they could have went with 60% or darker screen tones instead of this and made it work.

  2. Is it really necessary to use profanity? If you are going to profanity, should it not be reflective of 1915 Armenia/Turkey? I would not think that Soghomon would use such language in front of his mother. In Armenian terms, even today, that would be a sign of disrespect.

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