Now let’s get one things straight, even though his Conan relaunch flubbed, Jason Momoa looked hot as Conan. He looked hot in Baywatch, he looked hot in Stargate, he looked hot as Khal Drogo. Let’s be real, he would look hot as a UPS delivery man or a clerk at Chipotle. You would eat at that Chipotle every day, be honest.

But now he’s done the impossible. He’s made Aquaman look hot as revealed in a Zack Snyder tweet.

Snyder, you may recall, is directing a film called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (League) in which Aquaman is expected to appear, as a warm up lap around the pool for Justice League part one in 2017. Since the Aquaman film doesn’t come out until 2018, and there is a small chance that in three years Jason Momoa will no longer be quite as hot due to the whole vicissitudes of time thing, it is good that he will appear in Dawn of Justice League because we need as much of this as possible and soon. Also #unitetheseven…nice little branding. Will we be seeing Jon Jonz in a Snyder tweet soon?

Anyway, Arthur Curry is suddenly a very intriguing character in the coming DCCU (DC cinematic universe.)



  1. Every so often, someone does the obvious and makes you feel stupid for not seeing it. Giving Aquaman a Pacific Islander look ethnically not only completely divorces him from “blond guy who talks to fish” but it makes total sense.


  2. Not the look one would normally associate with the king of the seas and ruler of Atlantis, but to turn such a look into a “superhero” working along side the likes of Man of Steel, Batman and Wonder Woman….works for me.

  3. Inspired casting. Adds a whole new sensibility without eradicating the old. Love that what was once a scaly windbreaker thing is now Maori-esque tattoos…

  4. poopa says:
    “so hes interesting because hes hot?? isnt that sexist you dumb cunt”

    Why don’t these trolls get banned. Free speech is one thing, but if you can’t express yourself without being vulgar and personally attacking that person shouldn’t be tolerated.

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