Darick Robertson is back…as a writer? The acclaimed artist of The Boys and Transmetropolitan is debuting a new series, Greaser: Gemini Blues, for Magma Comix, and he along animation artist Stephen B. Jones (Batman Beyond) for a tale of post-apocalyptic adventure and….romance. Robertson will script and Jones will draw, with a few variant covers along the way. 

The logline: 

Buddy is a Greaser, living in Earth’s future in the scorching Nevada desert, surviving by doing repairs on the spacecraft of the aliens that moved in decades ago: the Gemini. 

Buddy and his Grandma live a simple hardscrabble life in a roadside diner, where he builds his dream car from scavenged parts and imagines what life would be like under the bio-domes of nearby Old Vegas. This quiet life is interrupted when a ruthless motorcycle gang leaves behind precious cargo in their yard. The owners want it back, and will destroy anything in their way! 

Throw in a star-crossed love story and you’ve got the world of Greaser: Gemini Blues!

Writing is a new flex for Robertson. “Venturing into a new area of my creativity, I am excited to be writing an original idea and work with my talented friend Stephen B. Jones, who is expanding from animation and into comics,” he reveals. “Magma is a great home for this as they too are venturing into new territory and are supportive of creators in a way that gives us the internal support we need to get a book published but with the creative freedom to try some new ideas and different directions. I’m hoping to take my world-building skills acquired from years of making and co-creating original comics and craft a series that is unlike anything I’ve done before.”

“Darick and I have been friends for decades and we have been talking about doing Greaser together since 2019,” said co-creator and artist Stephen B. Jones. “I am so thrilled that the stars finally aligned so that he and I could collaborate together on something that we both have so much passion and excitement for! Every day I feel like a kid in a candy store with the crazy, inspiring stuff that Darick is calling upon me to draw! Hoping that fans will fall in love with the characters and the world as much as Darick and I have!”

And here’s the first look at Greaser: Gemini Blues #1 which debuts in shops on July 3, and is now available for preorder on Diamond and Lunar. Cover a is by Jones, cover B by Robertson, and incentive cover C by Dan Panosian. 

For every 5 copies of Cover B ordered, retailers may purchase one incentive cover by Dan Panosian (Daredevil: Back in Black, Conan, Red Sonja).