Fans of Frank Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi’s Fire and Ice universe have a special treat hitting comic shops on February 28. Dynamite’s Fire and Ice: Teegra Special spotlights the popular character and offers a 40-page special comic to read alongside the ongoing series. Writer Bill Willingham is at the helm with artist Gabriel Di Caro on interiors. Covers are from Dan Panosian and Meghan Hetrick.
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When you go to war against the dark forces of the frozen north, there are some things you can’t do without – like warriors, weapons, and the will to fight. You also need strong allies if you want to have any hope of victory. But how do you cement the kind of alliances that help to win wars? Well, if you have a daughter of marriageable age, a strategic betrothal might be a good way to go. And that’s just what King Jarol of Firekeep has in mind for his beautiful, headstrong daughter, Teegra. But what happens when the eligible princes of many kingdoms line up to compete for fair Teegra’s hand, only to find that the promised princess is suddenly nowhere to be found? Find out this February in a story we almost called “Teegra’s Big Run”!

Renowned writer BILL WILLINGHAM and fan-favorite artist GABRIELE DI CARO return to the incredible world of Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta’s groundbreaking animated film Fire and Ice with this special 40-page one-shot, featuring perfectly primordial covers by DAN PANOSIAN and MEGHAN HETRICK!
Fire and Ice: Teegra Special is available end of February. Preorder with your favorite comic retailer by this weekend. In the meantime, check out some preview art below!