Dynamite Entertainment announced today “a thrilling collaboration with two historic artistic families, as the world of Fire and Ice makes its way to the tabletop with a board game giving fans the chance to roleplay and have fun in its wondrous world.” 

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice was released in theaters 40 years ago as the legendary team-up between animation innovator Ralph Bakshi (Fritz the Cat, The Lord of the Rings, Wizards) and the “Godfather” of fantasy artwork Frank Frazetta. The screenplay was written by Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway, and recently Dynamite revitalized the world as a comic series.

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The world of Fire and Ice exists in a precarious state between its many tribes and clans, but it all ratchets up when Lord Nekron decides to destroy the kingdom of fire. His black magic has created an unstoppable glacier that demolishes everything in its path, forcing relocation for many under King Jarol’s rule. The war drums are building, and it will take three unique heroes in Princess Teegra, Larn the Warrior, and the mysterious Darkwolf to turn the tide.

The Fire and Ice game features a “tactical skirmish” design and can be enjoyed by two or more players. The heroes of Firekeep battle the diabolical forces of Icepeak, as they navigate across multiple maps. Through usage of cards, dice, and the intricately designed figures at the forefront, players can recreate the iconic combat from the rotoscoping animated classic. The game’s systems also open up with “Rules-Lite” mechanics giving experimental players the chance to continue their adventure or make their own narratives through roleplay.

The core game includes a set of 12 miniatures, including detailed sculpts of the central fan-favorite characters Darkwolf, Teegra, and Larn. Fans who back the campaign in the first few days will receive an exclusive figure of the Subhuman Priestess. As stretch goals are reached, more miniatures will unlock, including the vile Lord Nekron himself. Players could be getting as many as 25 incredible figures, plus other additions.

Fire and Ice

In addition to the dozen figures, the core box is huge and includes a handy extensive rulebook, six character cards, 54 event cards, 12 activity cards, six 10-sided dice with fire and ice designs, over 200 token markers, and the four region game boards.

Fire and Ice

Backers on Kickstarter can check out several additional fun extras to get alongside their game. A limited edition set of nine trading cards features some of the biggest names in artwork from Dynamite’s revival of the franchise, including Bill Sienkiewicz, Leonardo Manco, Joseph Michael Linsner, and Frazetta. The stunning Sienkiewicz piece is also available as a high-quality lithograph, with a signed option. Premium metal cover and CGC-graded editions of the new comic title’s first issue are also available.

“My grandpa introduced me to his film, Fire and Ice when I was in grade school,” said Sara Frazetta. “Watching movies together, especially Fire and Ice, bonded our relationship. We felt the intensity of the scenes together. We were transported into the world he created. It was magical. Fire and Ice has remained in my top favorite films of all time and to be able to reignite the property with the Bakshi family and Dynamite is incredibly exciting!”

“Bakshi Productions is excited to work with the Frazetta Girls and Dynamite Comics to create new Fire & Ice media,” shared Eddie Bakshi. “It is an honor to again explore the fantastic world that Frank Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi created. I know that Bakshi fans have been waiting a long time for more Fire & Ice material, and that’s what we plan to give them.”

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