Over at his blog, Derf Backderf, author of My Friend Dahmer, has announced his next book: a 288-page GN based on his Trashed webcomic. Abrams will publish it in Fall 2015.

Trashed concerns the comedic adventures of a bunch of garbage collectors. SOLD!

My Friend Dahmer—about Derf’s high school friendship with the future serial killer—has become, as the author notes, something of a minor classic, and he’ll never really top it—and he’s okay with that.

I always knew that MFD would be my best-known work, if I could only convince someone to publish it (and if I could teach myself how to write and draw this graphic novel stuff, which admittedly took awhile). As much as anything, that’s why I put out a couple entirely different books first, just so I’d have a body of work prior to MFD. And from my perspective, it’s better to have a best-known work than to not have one, so it’s not like I’m complaining! Trashed is right in my wheelhouse: another raucous, Rustbelt Epic chock full of smalltown weirdoes and stomach-churning comedy. Of all my work, I think Trashed is the most universally beloved. Obviously, I love it too, since I keep going back to it.

This, friends, is the dream scenario for any webcomic. Do good work, and interest a publisher in releasing it as a book.

You here that kids? A cartoonist with a happy story.


  1. The earlier 48 page collection of his Trashed stories, published about ten years ago by Slave Labor, was terrific. Laugh out loud stuff for anyone who has had to undertake a “joe job” for the summer. Look forward to a bigger collection of his trashy tales!

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