This news had been floating round for a little bit, but Dark Horse it making it official: Dave Marshall is replacing Scott Allie as edit in chief. Allie will remain as executive senior editor. Several other assistant editor have been added as you can read below.

Allie was promoted to editor in chief in 2012.

Marshall delivered his entrance interview at EW.

There may be more to say about this story at a later date.

Dark Horse is pleased to announce new positions for key Editorial department staff.

Effective immediately, Dave Marshall takes on the role of editor in chief, Scott Allie assumes the responsibilities of executive senior editor, and editorial coordinator Freddye Miller adds the position of editor to her title.

“Scott will refocus his efforts as executive senior editor to do what he does best: serve as one of the best editors in the business, while helping to curate and develop new content,” said Dark Horse president and publisher Mike Richardson.

Additionally, Dark Horse is proud to announce the hiring of Comic Book Resources guest contributor and former Candlewick Press sales assistant Cardner Clark in the position of assistant editor.

“Evolution and innovation are our constant goals at Dark Horse, and we couldn’t accomplish them without the hard work and dedication of our Editorial staff,” said Richardson. “A combination of industry experience and young, new voices is vital to our success as a company. These advances in Editorial structure personify that special combination which distinguishes both Dark Horse and the modern comics landscape as truly unique.

“Our goal is to move the art form forward, and I can think of no better candidates than our creative and enthusiastic Editorial staff to lead the charge.”
“I feel so fortunate to have built my career in comics here,” Dave Marshall told Entertainment Weekly. “One of the things that’s special about Dark Horse is the way that it supports your pursuit of your passions, no matter how diverse they may be.”


  1. I don’t know what this piece of business news means, because it’s not quite fully explained – is this promotion for Dave a demotion for Scott Allie? How are the editorial positions alike or different?

    All I know personally is that Scott Allie cultivated Richard Corben’s work at Dark Horse. This has included an unexpected interlude in Buffy last year and Corben’s recent “Rat God” miniseries. That was great work! Corben is a comics giant; I’m grateful that Scott was able to bring us new work from this industry legend.

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