Only a few months after announcing the sequel, Dark Horse has canceled the first three issues of Spell on Wheels: Just to Get to You. Originally set as a five-issue arc debuting on October 9, the publisher has decided to change formats and publish the series as a trade instead.

Writer Kate Leth tweeted the news, sharing that the reason behind the switch was “low preorders.”

In a reply to her own tweet, the writer continued, “We’ve been working our butts off on this book for a long time, and I’m happy it’s still getting released, but obviously this stings! Sorry, all. I have no control over this.”

Rumors have the trade version coming out in June of 2020 but that has not been confirmed by Dark Horse or Leth.

The original Spell on Wheels followed witches Andy, Claire, and Jolene as they chased down a thief who stole their magical items. The sequel follows the trio again as they face phantoms, family drama, cryptids, crushes, and more. On top of that, Claire finds herself possessed by a dark presence.

Megan Levens on art, Marissa Louise on colors, and Rachel Deering on letters round out the team. Louise also posted on Twitter regarding the changeover.

Stay tuned for more updates on Spell On Wheels: Just to Get to You.

Spell on Wheels


  1. Just because you make a comic doesn’t mean people want to read/buy it, and just because people don’t want to read/buy it (or not enough of them) doesn’t mean its not a good comic. I know nothing about this book but I’ll assume its pretty good and has some merit or DH wouldn’t have considered a sequel. The art looks pretty good, but maybe the concept is weak or just has a smaller audience than the creators and publishers had hoped and thus didn’t inspire a lot of shops to order a bunch of them. When Leth complains about comics marketing, what she is really complaining about is the fact that floppies don’t sell the way they used to, and really she’s secretly complaining about not being able to make money on both the floppies and the trades. DH is taking a step that we will see more and more publishers taking, direct-to-trade, just like many perfectly good movies are direct-to-video/DVD/streaming. The authors should feel lucky its going to be printed at all.

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