San Diego Marriott Hotel under construction 51-1980s
The San Diego Marriott Marquis (then known as the Intercontinental), under construction c.1983? (It opened in April 1984.)
San Diego Marriott brand new 55-1980s
The Marriott Marquis, c.1989 (The Grand Hyatt opened in 1992.)

As was mentioned in a recent Comic-Con blog post, the Marriott Hall in San Diego has been demolished to make way for a new, larger ballroom facility.

San Diego Marriott Hall concept_plan
Harbor Drive, on the left of the map, is the street which runs in front of the Convention Center. On the right is the marina and waterfront.

The project has three components:

  1. Marriott Hall

    • “A lower exhibit hall level consisting of 35,900 square feet of exhibit space, 19,800 square feet of pre-function space (such as a gathering area for conference check-ins, cocktail space or exhibit space), 16,200 square feet of back of house space;
    • “A 6,500-square foot mezzanine level; and
    • “An upper ballroom level containing 35,900 square feet of ballroom space and 25,200 square feet of pre-function space, and 11,800 square feet of back house space.”  [Hall H = 64,842 sq.ft.]San Diego Marriott Hall proposed_floor_plan
  2. Marina Terrace

    • “…a 25,000 square-foot flexible outdoor area used for hotel events such as cocktail parties, receptions, and luncheons up to 15% of the year. When not in use for outdoor hotel events, Marina Terrace will be accessible for use by the public as an open gathering and activity space 85% of the year.”

    San Diego Marriott MarinaTerrace

  3. Marina Walk

    • “…a minimum 50-foot-wide public accessway containing a 40-foot-wide public pedestrian access corridor and a 10-foot-wide landscape buffer, adjacent to the Hyatt parking structure, containing palm trees, evergreen canopy trees and drought resistant, non-invasive plants. Marina Walk will widen to 80 feet as it approaches the Embarcadero Promenade, and will widen to 145 feet at the Harbor Drive gateway to Marina Walk.”

San Diego Marriott Hall Marriott_public_access_mapThe highlights:

  • 27,000 square feet of ballroom and meeting space above a 25,000 square foot parking area replaced by two ballrooms, each with 35,900 square feet of exhibition space.
  • Relocation of cooling towers.
  • Removal of surface parking along the marina.  (Check out this street view of what exists now!)
  • A new restroom! (Behind Sally’s Restaurant.)San Diego Marriott Hall proposed_site_plan_street_level

Hotel owners plan to have the $70 Million project completed by next Summer.