Welcome to this week’s installment of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up!

In this edition, we’ll explore some exciting comic projects that deserve your support. Brian “Box” Brown presents the Legalization Nation hardcover book, delving into the challenges and controversies within the cannabis industry. Then prepare to be charmed by a heartwarming tale of an enduring space dog’s adventures. Lastly, brace yourself for a thrilling plunge into an action-horror comic that was inspired by iconic names like Stephen King and Sailor Moon?!

Join us on this crowdfunding journey as we discover these unique and compelling comics.



Legalization Nation Hardcover Book

Creators: Brian “Box” Brown (writer/artist)
Goal: $25,000
End Date: Oct. 17
Goodies: Digital and physical copies of cannabis nation!

No One Takes Cannabis Seriously.

I began Legalization Nation in late 2020 after spending a year in the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Program. The problems with the market were myriad and obvious but there is very little coverage of this in mainstream or cannabis media. There’s not a big appetite for critical, real-world reporting from the grower/patient/consumer perspective. The media is focused on tax money, profits and celebrity brands. Legalization Nation focuses on the corruption and hypocrisy in our state cannabis legalization programs. The strip acts as a voice for people who care about cannabis but have little recourse to fix this sinking ship.

Legalization Nation is a must-read for those concerned about the cannabis industry’s rocky path to legalization. Brown’s weekly comic strip offers a unique perspective, divining into the corruption and hypocrisy plaguing state cannabis programs, often overlooked by mainstream media. Considering this took three years to make, with some pretty insightful reporting, this graphic novel is genuinely an interesting read and one that will have you thinking about its contents long after.

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Good Girl Laika

creators: J. Marshal Smith (writer/artist)
Goal: $2,000
End Date: Oct. 14
Goodies: Digital copy, physical copy, special golden record risograph edition, and Good Girl Laika t-shirts!

J. Marshall Smith here: writer, artist, dog fan. I drew the first Good Girl Laika strip as part of a comic writing workshop I was teaching and I was immediately charmed by this unflappable, inexplicable, enduring dog. I decided to keep them going and do something I’d been wanting to try for a while: a series of weekly black and white 4-panel strips that work well as stand-alones but also build off each other to create a narrative. I kept finding myself looking out the window wondering what she’d be doing up there so I started pulling at that thread making a fun and messy comic strip, putting some of them up on patreon and instagram, all the while saving a lot of them for the print edition I wanted to do.

With eye-catching artwork and an endearing protagonist, Good Girl Laika is set to be a standout in this crowdfunding roundup. This heartwarming comic explores various tales of Laika’s space adventures. It promises to be a unique and must-have addition to any reader’s collection. Here at The Beat, we believe Good Girl Laika is destined to become an essential comic for all.

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The Fox Came From the Woods #1

Creators: Daniel Brown (writer), NIW, aka Eliot Min (artist)
Goal: $2,000
End Date: Oct. 5
Goodies: The digital and physical copies of the comic as well as two different variant covers by MossaCannibalism and Alex Ahad.

The Fox Came From the Woods is a horror adventure series that follows Frankie as she searches to unravel the mystery of what happened to her younger sister Anastasia. She disappeared a year ago, is she dead? Alive– or are there darker, more mystical forces at work on this small island town? Frankie will have to cross the barrier between realms to discover the truth. With monsters, demons and fairies at every turn. To survive she’ll have to rely on a supernatural fox, Tomos, but can she really trust him?

The Fox Came From the Woods is shaping up to be a thrilling action-horror coming-of-age mystery. With captivating artwork, intriguing characters, and enticing bonuses, this comic is successfully drawing readers from far and wide. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Stephen King, Sailor Moon, and Vampire Hunter D, it’s poised to become a must-have for both comic aficionados and horror enthusiasts.

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