Welcome to this week’s installment of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! Join us for a look into a phenomenal artist, a mystery-comedy adventure, Medieval Pokémon, and two more projects we love!

Marvel Art OF Russell Dauterman
Creators: Clover Press Art, Russell Dauterman (Illustrator)
Goal: $10,000
End Date: May 8
Goodies: Get the hardcover copy of the book for $75, the exclusive dustjacket edition for $85, an exclusive slipcase edition for $100, and multiple different add-ons including collectible cards, prints, and posters!

The Marvel Art of… books are a series of high-end, boutique artbooks that showcase legendary Marvel Comics artists, featuring iconic images alongside rare and never-before-seen artwork. We’re working closely with each artist, and Marvel, to craft a beautiful representation of their work over the years with Marvel. Supporting this campaign supports each talent directly.

Russell Dauterman is an illustrator and character designer, best known for his work on the Marvel comic book series THE MIGHTY THOR, X-MEN, and SCARLET WITCH.

This project is phenomenal, it’s clearly made for fans of Dauterman’s work, but even without newcomers to his work can’t help but be captivated. The hardcover is full of his work from covers, panels, and even character designs. It’s breathtaking and perfect for any fan to want in their collection. Whether you’re a fan of his work in X-MEN, THOR, or his other series, you will not want to miss out on this project!

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Mystery Time Escape Crisis Electrodoméstica ¡el cómic!

Creators: Alejandra Yépiz (Creator/writer)
Goal: $1,004
End Date: May 15
Goodies: For $6 you get the digital copy of the graphic novel, for $18 you get the paperback copy and two postcards, or at higher tiers get more bundles and a commission of your favorite character from the book!

A y K son dos jóvenes que viven en un pueblo sin chiste, empeñados en encontrar y documentar los extraños fenómenos sobrenaturales que se esconden en cada rincón. Las cosas se empiezan a salir de control cuando hacen experimentos con una extraña materia verde que encuentran en un basurero.

¿Qué raras aventuras encontrarán? ¿Qué trama ese extraño cartero? ¡La única forma de averiguarlo es tirarse de lleno al misterio!

So as you can clearly tell, Mystery Time Escape Crisis is in Spanish, it’s actually a popular webcomic that was originally published on Tapas back in 2016 and recently moved to Webtoon in 2023. The webcomic is fantastic, they have their own versions in English so even non-Spanish speakers can follow along! It’s just a fantastic mystery comedy series to get into. It’s reminiscent of shows like Gravity Falls and Martin Mystery, we would be wrong to not include this phenomenal comic in our roundup and if it seems like something that’s up your alley, make sure not to miss out on their KICKSTARTER!

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Creators: Pat Shand (Writer), Nabetse Zitro (Artist)
Goal: $5,000
End Date: May 17
Goodies: Get the digital PDF for $7, the digital deluxe PDf for $15, the physical copy for $20, and at higher tiers get variant covers by different talented artists!

WILD WISPS is a new comic book series about a world that humans share with incredible creatures known as Wisps. Wisps are magical monsters with elemental powers that can be either commonplace or god-like. Some Wisps can help with household chores by using their water-based powers or load-bearing strength. Others have great and terrible abilities to control the weather or even read human minds. And others still are turned into weapons of war. We follow a would-be knight, KINO, and his Wisp TONKAREX.

Medieval knights and magic with Pokémon, if that doesn’t sell you on this comic let me fill you in on some of the other reasons to check this comic out. The comic comes from Pat Shand (Destiny NY), which already tells me this comic is going to be fun to read especially with the crazy ideas Shand is bringing into it. Then seeing it beautifully brought to life with Zitro’s art, I can’t help but take my time pouring over the pages seeing all these great designs and colorful characters. This comic is going to be something you might want to take a look at, make sure you get the chance to!

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Planet Comics: Book Five

Creators: Jeff McClelland (Creator)
Goal: $2,600
End Date: May 26
Goodies: Get the digital copy for $5, the physical comic for $8, the standard and a variant cover for $22, or at higher tiers you can get the original 4 issues, a super bundle, or even a hand-drawn original sketch. 

Planet Comics was a Golden Age sci-fi masterpiece, and thanks to the wonders of the public domain, the title has been revived a few times in the intervening years. With this version, I hope to pay tribute to the original title whilst publishing some great, new, forward-looking science fiction comics created by me and a number of my best comic friends.

The fact that in 2024 we can get our hands on a new issue of Planet Comics is something that should be shouted from the rooftops. It’s a love letter to sci-fi comic fans and absolutely something veterans, and newcomers should check out. From just the stories that will be in the anthology this comic is clearly coming out to be something fantastic, and to be at the fifth release, all crowdfunded by fans wanting more is exactly why we at The Beat could not pass this up. 

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Momo Cutie # 1

Creators: Laneha House
Goal: $26,000
End Date: May 31
Goodies: Get the print copy of the anthology for $15!

Momo Cutie is a new anthology series from Laneha House. Named after 2 of our loved ones, it’s a celebration of life and equity. Each issue will feature 10 artists and a theme.

The first issue’s theme is From the Bay to LA. We are commissioning 10 4-page autobiographical comics from 10 Cartoonists born and or raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County. The anthology will be perfect bound and 8.5×11. Color Cover, B&W interior.

This is such an ambitious project, and we couldn’t be more excited for it. The comic is going to be filled with different styles and personal stories. Considering the impact of comics on the Bay area and LA we can only imagine how creative this project is going to be. It’s the kind of project that if you have a love for comics will keep you hooked and wanting more. It’s the kind of comic that will leave an impact, especially considering the message left on its Crowdfundr page. The project clearly has an understanding of the important topic, and how we need to support our local artists. You won’t want to miss out on this.

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