Welcome to this week’s installment of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! Join us for a look into getting more than you wished for, a new project inspired by a beloved franchise, a project a decade in the making, and four more projects you won’t regret checking out!


Crazy Latte Thing Called Love
Crazy Latte Thing Called Love
Creators: Adriano Ariganello (Writer), Mattia Monaco (Artist)
Goal: $735
End Date: June 98
Goodies: Digital PDF for $8, the physical copy for $22, the variant covers for $24, or at higher tiers bundles with the whole collection.

Crazy Latte Thing Called Love is a 32-page full-colour one-shot where Liam, a lovelorn insurance adjuster, doesn’t care to answer that question. He falls deeply in love with a barista, Ruby, who barely knows him. As his love falls deeper into obsession, he gets dragged into a world he was not prepared to enter.

Crazy Latte Thing Called Love honestly looks like a fun read, I can’t help but look at Liam, especially with the way he is drawn. An anxious, awkward-looking man, and to know just from the cover art, the man is most likely going to get himself into some not only illegal but misfortune that is way out of his league. We at The Beat can’t wait for more. 

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Creators: Camille Longley (Writer), Pablo Peppino (Artist)
Goal: $8,000
End Date: June 13
Goodies: Get the digital PDF $6, the physical edition for $15, the variant covers for $25, or at higher tiers the past issues, various covers, and even a tote bag.

Lampblack is a story of friendship, family, and war, set in a fantastical world and depicted in stunning detail. If you’re a fan of Studio Ghibli, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Sabrina, or Pokémon, you will love exploring the world of Lampblack–a place filled with strange creatures and and stranger magic.

So, seeing that this project was inspired by Hayao Miyazaki I was already invested in this project. It’s not an easy statement anyone should make mind you, you have to know that you have something that lives up to that kind of reputation. Lampblack delivered on that, not just with its fantastic art, but also with its story. Focusing on an immigrant family with the ability to bring what they paint to life, I knew that this comic was going to have something for every type of fan. I can’t stress enough that this comic is not one you want to miss out on. 

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JAMES TYNION IV: The First Decade at BOOM! Studios

Creators: BOOM! Studios
Goal: $25,000
End Date: June 13
Goodies: Get the SIKTC #1 5th Anniversary Archive Edition for $20, the Tynion Anniversary Complete Comic Set for $50, the digital collection for $7, or at higher tiers get the different exclusive hardcovers, the anniversary slipcase, and multiple anniversary sets. 

Now, BOOM! Studios, along with Tynion’s co-creators and artistic collaborators, proudly celebrate some of his most recognizable original creations – THE WOODS, MEMETIC, and SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN – with limited edition anniversary comic books, premium hardcover collected editions, and exclusive collectibles.

As the project explains Tynion’s rise to comic book stardom began in 2012 and since then he has released stories fans across the comic book industry couldn’t get enough of. To the point where this project made to celebrate his 10 years with boom has already surpassed $187,000. Basically if you’re a fan of his work, and want to own some exclusive, never to be sold again comic collections of his series, (SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN, THE WOODS, and MEMETIC) do not miss out on this project!

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Dream.exe: A Cyber-Fiction Comics Anthology

Creators: One Shot Books
Goal: $7,500
End Date: June 14
Goodies: Get the digital copy for $5, the early backer bonus tier for $20, the combo tier for $35, or at higher tiers the retailer tier. 

Dream.exe is a science fiction comics anthology exploring the magical and mysterious relationships between humans and machines.

From love and loss in online friendships to adventures with robot companions in far-off digital worlds, these stories explore the depths of what it means to be human in a world where technology constantly challenges that meaning. Discover what happens when you run Dream.exe.

As this project is an anthology various writers and artists all collaborated throughout this project to release their own stories. The theme was the same, exploring humanity in a world full of technology, yet the stories and art couldn’t be more different from each other. This in turn created a beautiful blend of art styles, topics, with varying level of intensity, and it just leaves an impact on you. I can’t stress enough how wonderful this project looks and they are well on their way to their goal. 

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The Memory Machine

Creators: John Ward (Writer), Daniel Caval (Artist)
Goal: $588
End Date: May 24
Goodies: Get the digital PDF for $5, the standard print for $11, variant covers for $12, or at higher tiers get the foil edition and bundles!

The Memory Machine is about Jacob, a depressed man who tests a new device that allows you to re-visit -and modify – your memories. He returns to a moment in his life when he was a teenager, with his whole future still to be written, and makes a pivotal change that may threaten his entire future.

The front cover for The Memory Machine is already so alluring to the eye. Tou see a man in a business suit wrapped in cables leaving what appears to be a glimmering carnival into an empty white void. Without saying much it already had me invested into why it was such a dreamy landscape. To then find out the comic is about past decisions, regrets, and how those decisions influenced our future, I was hooked. Then seeing Jacob in some kind of pod with wires hooked up to a helmet on his head as he awakes, it’s perfect for the somber Sci-Fi fans. It’s in its last week, and although it has made goal, this project is one you shouldn’t miss out on. 

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Creators: Lorenza Pigliamosche (Writer), Luca Frigerio (Co-Writer), Alberto Besi (Artist)
Goal: $8,056
End Date: June 6
Goodies: Get the digital PDF for $6, the physical copy for $14, the variant for $16, or at higher tiers get prints and different bundles.

What if there was a way to get everything you want? A genie in the lamp that would fulfill all your ambitions and hidden desires. Imagine living in a society where even injustice is bent by far worse appetites. Wouldn’t you want to change everything and maybe start from scratch?

TNT has never asked himself all these questions: he’s too busy surviving in a city that doesn’t care about orphans and poor people like him, Zyber, on the other hand, has different plans and things get out of hand.

Run is meant to be a tribute to Evangelion, Akira, Kyashan, Megalobox, and Dune. When you check out the preview pages of the project, you can see why. They feature beautiful artwork that tells a story we don’t yet fully understand, but it leaves us wanting much more. Cyberpunk fans are going to love this series. With its emphasis on danger and escaping from a society designed to keep the lower class oppressed, this is a series you should not miss.

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French Girl & Hot House

Creators: Fieldmouse Press
Goal: $7,500
End Date: May 24
Goodies: Get both digital copies of the books for $20, both physical copies for $40, separate copies for $12/$20, or at higher tiers get the exclusive editions 

French Girl is a graphic memoir told in a series of stories that blend boldly expressionistic and dreamlike colors with spare and unflinching text. Exploring Jesse Lee’s relationship with her mother, her childhood, her own motherhood, and the passage of time, French Girl is a reflection on the material and immaterial ways that our families affect us.

An unnamed man and woman live in a house together but rarely interact. Each of them attends to mundane tasks such as laundry and sweeping. Then time, space, and reality all warp around them in unexpected ways as they confront past selves, suffocating dust storms, and an environment that’s as claustrophobic as it is familiar.

This is Hot House, by John Hankiewicz, one of the innovators of comics-as-poetry.

These are two stories that couldn’t be more different from each other but are equally beautiful. French Girl and Hot House are two pieces of comic poetry that deserve a place in your collection. They’re the kind of comics that leave a lasting impact, and with these two fantastic authors, their poetry will make you think deeply, especially with the themes and stories that are inside. 

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