Back in December, the Small Press Spotlight covered Dead Sky Publishing’s The Case of the Bleeding Wall by writers by Joe R. Lansdale and Kasey Lansdale, artist Daniele Serra, and letterer Tom Napolitano. Now the publisher is gearing up to launch a collected edition of all four issues of the soldout series on May 28. 

“It’s important to us at Dead Sky to collect The Case of the Bleeding Wall because we want readers to discover Dana Roberts and Jana Davis for years to come,” editor and co-publisher Steve Wands said in a statement. “With the nature of monthly comics, there’s a very narrow window of availability and that time has already passed. We hope readers that enjoyed the series come back for the trade and that new readers can discover us and their new favorite supernormal sleuths.”

Read the synopsis of the story here:

Dana Roberts, seasoned investigator of the supernormal, is called to Italy by an ex-lover to investigate a strange phenomenon—the mystery of a bleeding wall. She meets Jana Davis at a book signing event, and together they head to Italy in search of answers. Are they dealing with a haunted house? A demon perhaps? Or a vengeful specter from the other side?

Dana has battled angry jinns, malevolent shadows, ancient travelers, and soul-sucking shapeshifters, but in The Case of the Bleeding Wall, she and her new sidekick, Jana, may face their most dangerous challenge yet.

Check out the cover of the collected edition below!

Case of the Bleeding Wall collected edition