Tickets to Deadpool & Wolverine have just opened up and it’s obvious how big of a push this is by Marvel to get people back in theatres. There is a brand-new trailer, a brand-new poster, a parody video, and even a series of interviews, all simultaneously launched in the past few hours to get the film trending on Google, which the marketing team has most definitely accomplished. 

To kick it off, here’s the clip of the interview featuring Hugh explaining why he got out of retirement, mostly for the fans:

Here’s the brand new parody featuring Hugh Jackman inviting Ryan Reynolds for ‘Together Time’:


Along with the brand new movie trailer emphasizing quite a lot of sexual tension: 

Finally, here’s the new poster:

Deadpool and Wolverine

As someone who follows internet trends and data, it’s pretty obvious to me what Marvel is doing right now and I do think its genuinely working though we’ll know for sure in the next few hours or days. I should stress that in the past, I was a very successful SEO content manager capable of bringing in over a million users in new search traffic in less than a year for a small press site, so I must say, I’m familiar with more techniques than most and I’m quite thoroughly impressed by what the MCU is doing to promote this film. Especially since this is their only big release this year.

Hitting the web from multiple angles with tidbits of promotional material all the at the same time plus giving audiences enough fresh bits here and there to see if they can get a meme going, it’s obvious they shot for this to trend in timing it with first ticket access sales. This is probably the cleverest bit of marketing I’ve seen since the unintentional Dune popcorn sex bucket parodied on SNL and it’s becoming pretty aware to everyone that Marvel REALLY wants you to pre-purchase tickets to the movie.

Outside of DUNE: Part Two, almost everything else has struggled so far this year. We’re almost certainly hitting an uncertain theatrical future but between this, and with Furiosa to come this weekend, we’ll see if Hollywood can get us a comeback – not unlike what happened with Top Gun: Maverick just a few years ago.

I think the better question is are superhero movies back to save cinema audiences? Well, I don’t think they ever really left as I stated in my long piece earlier in the year that 1 out of 10 ticket sales were still for superhero movies last year. The best I can say is that I am absolutely buying my ticket to see Deadpool & Wolverine right now – and perhaps that’s all we can ask for: to enjoy the things we love with the community we love engaging with.