Welcome to The Beat’s crowdfunding round-up: a collection of some of our favorite campaigns from the week including one-shots, on-goings, anthologies and everything in-between. This week we’re checking out the story of two goofballs on their fantasy adventure in Dani and Ramen, the misadventures of teens and their ill-summoned imp in Raise Hell, and more.

Let’s get started!

Dani and Ramen: A Nomad’s Tale VOL. 1 & 2

dani and ramen

Creators: Jake Morrison (author)
Goal: $12,000
End date: May 19, 2021
Goodies: A digital copy is $15, a physical version is $30, and tiers include stickers, prints, and more.

The second in a series of cartoon graphic novels, telling the story of two goofballs on a mission to avenge what they’ve lost…

Volume 1 saw Dani and Ramen leave home and begin an epic journey leading them to Sol’s castle where they learned two things: how to fight and that they may be in over their heads. In this second volume, they’re joined by Lydia and together head to the Capital to find out more about the threat they’re facing. With both volumes together, Dani and Ramen totals 500+ pages of colorful story, and both are available in physical and digital now. 

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Clockwork Curandera Vol. 1: The Witch Owl Parliament

clockwork curandera

Creators: David Bowles (creator, translator), Raúl the Third (creator), Stacey Robinson (colorist), Damian Duffy (letterer)
Goal: $6,000
End date: May 19, 2021
Goodies: A digital copy is $10, a physical version is $18, and higher tiers include stickers, posters, and more.

A steampunk graphic novel reimagining of Frankenstein set in colonial Mexico, created by an award-winning Latinx team.

Set in an alternate history, Clockwork Curandera follows the death and rebirth of an apprentice shaman named Cristina Franco. Her brother, Enrique, doesn’t want to let her go so he turns to the prohibited non-Christian magics, alchemy, and engineering to recreate her as something equal parts human and machine. The 112-page graphic novel is already complete, the art looks incredible (as seen above), and is available in both Spanish and English versions.

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Raise Hell! Issue 2

raise hell

Creators: Jordan Alsaqa (writer), Ray Nadine (artist), Mark Bouchard (editor), Kelsi Jo Silva (guest artist)
Goal: $4,200
End date: May 11, 2021
Goodies: Grab PDFs of issues 1 and 2 for $10, get the physical versions for $12, or check out higher tiers for pins, additional comics, and more.

Three teens struggle to hide their demonic familiar while dealing with witches, mystic janitors, and the first day of junior year!


Raise Hell is back with its second issue for more of its hellacious high school hijinks. The series follows a group of teens and the demon they accidentally summoned as they try to covertly find a solution to their problem – all while keeping up on their school work. If you’re not caught up, check out an extended preview of the first issue on the campaign page or, if you’re already sold, pledge to get issues 1 and 2 physically or digitally.

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Bulgilhan Press Presents: Faster & Threshold

bulgihan press

Creators: Anke Gladnick (artist), Jesse Lonergan (artist)
Goal: $10,000
End date: May 19, 2021
Goodies: Grab a physical comic and a pin for $15, get both for $30, or – if you’re a retailer – check out higher tiers for wholesale bundles.

Introducing a brand new indie comics press, dedicated to publishing new, experimental comics.

Zach Clemente’s Bulgihan Press is making its debut with two experimental comics with very distinct styles. Threshold is a black-and-white autobiographical comic about transitioning, framed with “fastidious metaphor and pensive narration.” Faster, meanwhile, is a colorful, competitive story about premiere racers, and the ambitions of a perpetual runner up. Both come in at about 50 pages, and are available individually or in a bundle.

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Tommy Dakota: A Queer Western Romance

tommy dakota

Creators: Dave Ebersole (writer), Vinnie Rico (artist), Cardinal Rae (artist)
Goal: $7,500
End date: May 21, 2021
Goodies: The PDF is $10, the physical version is $20, and higher tiers include signed copies, prints, and more.

An infamous bandit, the man he fell for, and the barrage of bullets in their way.

An infamous robber and a former high roller turned crook walk into a bar. The robber falls for the bartender, and the crook proposes a heist to set them all up for the life. This is the story of Tommy Dakota. It’s a 70-page graphic novel from the team behind Dash, combining elements of modern pulp westerns with queer romance. For more, check out a handful of preview pages over on the campaign page.

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