Next month BOOM! Studios will release Know Your Station #1. The five-issue sci-fi miniseries comes from writer Sarah Gailey, artist Liana Kangas, colorist Rebecca Natty, and letterer Cardinal Rae. The series follows the investigation into murders onboard a space station for the hyper-rich. Today BOOM! has released a new lettered preview for the series debut.

Here’s how BOOM! describes Know Your Station #1:

Death is the great leveler, even for the 1%… the wealthiest people in the solar system abandoned the Earth for a private sanctuary in space, leaving everyone else to die amidst cataclysmic climate change. But the ultra-wealthy won’t be safe for long…

A murderer is on the loose, specifically targeting the super-rich! Soon, Elise, an employee of the Avulsion Corporation, is wrapped up in a deadly investigation, with each issue of this outrageously macabre series featuring a new, diabolically different kill!

Know Your Station is the latest BOOM! Studios work for writer Sarah Gailey, who has also written titles including Eat The Rich (with artist Pius Bak) and the Buffyverse series The Vampire Slayer (with artists Michael Shelfer and Sonia Liao). It’s the first collaboration between Gailey and Liana Kangas, and the first BOOM! work for the artist of books like Trve Kvlt (with writer Scott Bryan Wilson, from IDW following a successful Kickstarter) and She Said Destroy (with writer Joe Corallo, from Vault Comics).

Check out the five-page preview of Know Your Station #1, along with the variant covers for the issue by Jenny FrisonBecca CareyJenn Woodall, and Tula Lotay, below. The debut issue of the series is due out in stores and digitally on Wednesday, December 7th.