Want to support some incredible independent creators this Labor Day? This week’s comics crowdfunding round-up has some great projects, from anthologies to reprints to a single issue, and it is hella international this week (because, uhhhhh, Labor Day?) so expect a wild ride!

Before we get into this week’s comics crowdfunding round-up, Johnny Gambit creator Alan Oldham, who performs as DJ T-1000, created a Detroit-style track list to benefit Ukraine that you can listen to while you read The Beat‘s five campaigns to support.

Tilt: Six Tales

Gastrotelepathy - Tilt Comics Crowdfunding

Creators: Julie Campbell (creator), Chris Manson (creator), Jack Devereaux (creator), Cara Gaffney (creator), Lio Pressland (creator), Dominique Duong (creator), Eve Greenwood (editor), and Hari Conner (editor)
Goal: $11,472
End Date: September 29, 2022
Goodies: PDF format, A5 size print format with a Fran Morton wraparound cover, sticker sheet, print set, and retailer options

A medley of short black & white comics from six exciting UK creators!

Quindrie Press, an Edinburgh-based independent publisher, is Kickstarting a new black and white comics anthology featuring brand new stories from six UK creators. I have many memories of my mother working with charcoals growing up, and I have a lot of affection for black and white art (although digital greyscale has a much different feel). While all the stories look interesting, I’ve never heard of a superhero power combining the tummy rumbles and telepathy, so it’s worth checking out this anthology for Jack Devereaux’s “Gastrotelepathy” story alone.

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Oh, The Things You Won’t Know! & The Phantom of Eternia: Double-Whammy Reprint!

The Phantom of Eternia Comics Crowdfunding Reprint

Creators: Kelly Phillips
Goal: $1,000
End Date: October 1, 2022
Goodies: Receive one or both of the re-printed comics and a free dinosaur pun sticker, illustrated prints, enamel pins, and more Kelly Phillips comics, including Weird Me and Catalogue

Kelly Phillips is an independent cartoonist and comics publisher and needs help keeping two comics alive and in circulation: 2013’s Oh, The Things You Won’t Know!, described as a “parody comic” that “provides a cautionary tale for those who may be entering college or any other questionable phase of their life,” and 2018’s The Phantom of Eternia!, described as “the great city of Philadelphia is home to many unique oddities, including the Karaoke Gong Show hosted by the Overlord of Evil himself, Skeletor (Master of the Universe).”

I didn’t choose this campaign for any fancy reason. I thought the art was adorable, which is a good thing. And anyway, support independent creators. It is Labor Day, and art is a real job.

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Tales To Enlighten: Volume 1 and 2 (The New Testament)

Tales to Enlighten

Creators: Matt King (writer), James Edward Clark, Oleg Green, MC Wolfman, Johan Pedersen, Bill Couture, Erwin Papa, Chris Anderson, Andrew Buck, Adan VazquezShaky Kane, Ragne NaessRian Miller, Filya Bratukhin, Christopher Koltzow, Tony Sedani, and Carlos A. Etcheverry (cover artist)
Goal: $20,000
End Date: October 3, 2022
Goodies: PDF or TPB, Art to Enlighten zine by Mardel Rubio, Psychometrics zine, metal bookmarks, Andrew Buck art exclusive shirt, 2017 Tales to Enlighten Prologue zine, Tales to Enlighten, Vol. 1, Tony Sedani original art, Daniel White original pinup art, Ragne Naess Damlog original art, and Andrew Buck original art bundle

Everybody’s favorite serial killing Satanists are back! A 550-page Occult Anthology featuring 30 amazing indie artists. HELL YEAH!

This seems like it’s a comic story (I mean, anthology) that I am unaware of, but hey, it has sexy cyborg nuns, so ’nuff said. To be entirely honest, all I need in a comic is sexy cyborg nuns. I also really, really, really x 333 want to see how the Coke Knight does in the M.U.F.F. Championship match. And finally, the anthology promises to answer that age-old question: how did Jesus get that mutant, fire-breathing, sentient penis?? The campaign also promises, “The Return of the most Badass Pinup Gallery Ever! A true ‘who’s who’ lineup of indie and weirdo comix champions!’

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Lurker #1 – a TERRIFYING new horror comic

Lurker #1

Creators: Abigail Harding (cover artist), Paula Andrade (variant cover artist), and Anna Readman (interior artist), Tanya Roberts (colorist), Beanie Aurora White (writer), and Cardinal Rae (letterer)
Goal: $2,294
End Date: October 1, 2022
Goodies: Physical printed issue or in PDF, enamel pin, variant cover, your name in the “Thank-You” section, “Despair” print T-shirt, three exclusive art prints, two physical copies of Wild River Comics flagship title Daughters of Albion #1, signed original art by Anna Readman 

An anthropomorphic tree provides Harriet with solace from a troubled past. But Tree’s true intentions are deeply disturbing…

From Wild River Comics, the Lurker #1 sample pages of young Harriet eating in a creepy kitchen with her neglectful mother will haunt you. Every creator is a woman, and you rarely see a comic with an entire creative team of women. It’s amazing and worth supporting. I feel that if you were a fan of The Autumnal by Daniel KrausChris ShehanJason Wordie, and Jim Campbell, then this Kickstarter comics crowdfunding campaign is for you.

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Johnny Gambit

Creators: Alan Oldham
Goal: $8,921
End Date: October 5, 2022
Goodies: Johnny Gambit T-shirt, PDF version, signed graphic novel, and two fully remastered CDS

Alan Oldham’s indie cult character from the ’80s returns in an ALL-NEW graphic novel with a 2xCD techno soundtrack!

Sometimes I don’t pay enough attention: Although I LOVE Danger Girl, I just figured out that it’s Alan Oldham’s name on the comic strip for Muzik. While Oldham created Johnny Gambit in 1986, it was only a year after I was born, and I was still blowing my nose with torn-out Vogue spreads. Then, I missed the character’s return in Gambit & Associates, so I am incredibly excited to check out this latest incarnation. And if you are a fan of techno music like me, the graphic novel comes with the added bonus of two original soundtracks: one by Oldham himself and one by various artists including FBK, Nino Sebelic, Blak Tony, Krenzlin, Altroy, and more.

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