Dynamite sure knows how to make a girl feel special on her 50th birthday! This year Vampirella hits a big milestone, and to honor her, the publisher has set up a Kickstarter for a trading card set perfect for any fan. Even though the campaign has already reached its funding goal, there is still a week left to secure yours along with other goodies.

 The set features full color art, line art, puzzle cards, a signed card, and a ton of sketch cards from top artists like Jose Gonzalez, Neal Adams, Joe Jusko, Joseph Michael Linsner, and a ton more. Fans can pledge as little as $5 and still receive a digital graphic novel featuring the Daughter of Drakulon. Higher tiers are loaded with exclusives and goodies for super fans. There is also a limited edition four-card promo set with art by Frank Frazetta, Greg Hildebrandt, Terry Dodson, and Billy Tucci.
To secure your pledge and get your trading card set, click here.