Rob Liefeld casts a long shadow on the house of Marvel. The a creative force and mastermind of huge blockbusting characters like Deadpool and Cable, Liefeld is one of the most prominent creators of our time. And now he’s back at Marvel with his next big original character: Major X.
Major X #1, which came out last week, follows a mysterious new masked figure who comes out from beyond time, guns blazing. He’s here to find the X-Men– and he’s leaving a body count behind him until then. But who is he? And can he take down the mighty Cable, who stands in his way?
Major X is written and drawn by Liefeld, with Adelso Corona and Dan Fraga working alongside him on inks. The book is colored by Romulo Fajardo Jr. and lettered by VC’s Joe Sabino. It’s slated for 6 issues, with two coming out each month.
Watch as Liefeld talks to the Beat herself, Heidi MacDonald, about Major X’s secret identity and much more.