If you look closely, you’ll see Hope, Crosby, and Lamour in the back…


And we’re off… but we have to wait 90 minutes for the show to start.

Geez….  start it at 7, let it run four hours, end it on time, everyone’s happy.

Seriously, you can’t get the butts in seats by 4 PM local time?  How long does it take to get ready?  It’s not like billions of people are watching you on live TV, or taking thousands of photos on the red carpet….

I’ll try not to be too snarky….

…and my Direct TV box is being troublesome.

7:10  Wow… Melanie Griffith looks good for her age!

7:15   Dianne Warren?  Cool….

7:20   Patricia Arquette.   Great dress!  I think the rain is wrecking havoc on hairstyles!

7:27  Body armor….  bejewelled bodices.

7:30  American Sniper, Boyhood…  “family”  Great directors keep talented individuals for each production.

7:40  The newleyweds look VERY stylish!  Like they stepped out of the 1930s!

7:55  Stephen Hawking was in Les Mis!