a movie based on a superhero comic book won a best picture Oscar last night.


  1. What’s interesting to me is how awful the first issue of Sunfire and Big Hero 6 looked. Not only didn’t I buy it, but I thought it was everything that was wrong with comics back in those days. Now it wins best animated film. Marvel really knows what they’re doing, huh?

  2. The amusing thing about Big Hero 6 winning the Oscar is that it makes Marvel Comics’s open hostility toward Disney’s development and marketing of the movie look even more monumentally foolish than it already looked — which was pretty bad to begin with. Somebody at Marvel Comics *should* get fired over it.

  3. What was Marvel’s hostility?

    According to interviews, both Loeb and Quesada sat in on the brain trust, watched each work print, and gave notes on the story. Otherwise, Marvel had little to say about the production, letting Disney Animation adapt the characters free from the MCU.

    Marvel’s always been a bit tone-deaf with their animation properties. Very little exploitation of Superhero Squad, Web Warriors, Big Hero 6… not to mention the Disney properties on XD.

    Myself, I’m just hoping the Disney continues raiding Marvel’s teen characters. I’d love to see Ultra Girl, Power Pack, even Runaways. Free from the sturm-und-drang of the MCU. With the full force of Disney Consumer Products marketing the heck out of the properties! Did you see the awesome action figures from Bandai? It was easy finding Gogo and Honey Lemon at the Disney Store! Easier than finding Black Widow or Princess Leia…

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