And it’s 8 PM!  What’s next?

8 PM… what’s with those red Nazi latex gloves?

8:05   Jeff Goldblum looks like he stepped out of a 1950s think tank!

8:07  Ed Norton is having a good year!  Birdman and Grand Budapest!

8:08  Big Hero 6!  Baymax is getting lots of love! Yay, #diversity!

8:11 I like how the red carpet big names get interviewed, and then ABC transfers inside to chat with the “other” nominees!  Those chats are actually better!

8:13  Zoe Saldana is presenting Best Animated Feature, and she was very diplomatic!  Nice simple dress.

Is that Eddie Murphy’s wife?  Wow.  Stunning.

8:18  That’s a great history of Oscar by Robert Osborne!

8:20 Felicity Jones looks stunning!  Can’t wait to see the selfies!

8:25   F!  Direct TV is not working…  so I’m stuck to backstage.    There’s the voice of god telling people to sit down.  I guess they use the big opening number to allow people to get to their seats before the awards start?

8:30  Nice film about Neil Patrick Harris!

8:43  No surprise there…  Best Supporting Actor J.K. Simmons.

8:48  Briefcase?  Not submerged in water? has the NPH briefcase cam, so you can see how the stage is being prepped.

8:51  I like the three-ring circus stage!

8:54  During the commercials, the lights go low, and people mingle in the aisles.

8:57  And everyone races back to their seats!

8:59  Grand Budapest for Costume Design.