All The Dresses Of Best Actress Oscar Winners Since 1929 http://www.fastcodesign.com/3027082/all-the-dresses-of-best-actress-oscar-winners-since-1929

Halfway done…  (yeah… right…)

9:07 Wait… J.K. that’s the insurance guy?!? Mind blown!

9:09  And I’ve got signal!  We’ll see how long Direct TV works…   What’s with the Oscars on Spikes?  Rather morbid.

9:10  Foreign Film   IDA.   HA!  Great speech!

(And Budapest won Makeup.)

9:14   ABC.com’s feed is about a minute behind the tv feed.

image9:17   “escargots”  ha!   ooh…  LEGo!  oh my…   holee…   Oprah…  the Possum beats the Super Bowl sharks!

WOW!  Love the Devo Lego hat!  And Batman!  That… that might have won the Emmy for the telecast.

9:25   Short film… The Phone Call.  Heh…   fun speech!

9:28   Documentary short…  Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1  Great dresses!

9:31  Viola Davis.  Lifetime awards!  Wow…  that’s an incredible class!  Maureen O’Hara!  Hayao Miyazaki!  Jean-Claude Carriere!  Harry Belafonte!

9:35  Yes, rawther!  Much nicer in a British accent!

9:36  Damn….  not fair!  Tim McGraw.  Why are the most romantic songs country western songs?  (Pardon me… allergies are acting up.)

9:43  HA!     And now the techie awards!  Did you take a drink when they said “voxel”?

9:46  Sound Mixing: Whiplash!  $3 Million dollars, short production time.  Amazing.

9:48   Sound Editing:  American Sniper.

9:51   Supporting Actress.   (Heh…  good intro!)  Wow.. great clips.  Patricia Arquette, Boyhood   (First political statement?)

9:58  That social network monologue from Birdman needs to go viral!