I’ve got to concentrate… concentrate… concentrate… Hello?… hello… hello… Echo… echo… echo… Pinch hitting for Pedro Borbon… Manny Mota… Mota… Mota…

It’s Ten PM here… this should, in a perfect world, be the last hour of the telecast.
It would be, if the show started at 7 PM, and ran to form. We’d be watching the major awards being presented, recipients would have plenty of time to talk and generate memorable moments, and it would all end before 11 PM, possibly even 10:30.

But typing this at 4:50 PM, I doubt we won’t see any majors until 10:30, if we’re lucky. Let’s see if that’s true.

10:00  Rita Ora.

10:02   Nine awards of 24 so far.   It’s gonna be a long night.

10:03   Visual effects.  Interstellar.  A shoutout to the scientists!

10:06  Animated Short.  (Nice dress!)  Feast.

10:09  Great intro!  Animated Feature.  Big Hero 6.  (I hope they mention the comic book creators and Marvel on the “thank you” cam…)

10:17  The AMPAS President.  #jesuisoscar

(Crap… lost my text….)

Nice set.  Who designs those Production Design title cards?   Production Design: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Cinematography: Birdman  (That was a very flattering dress!)

10:30  Meryl Streep   In Memoriam    Oscar Deadpool…. who will be forgotten?

10:43   Film Editing   Whiplash.   FUCK.  Boyhood really should have won…  12 years, two different editing platforms…

10:49  Documentary Feature:  CITIZENFOUR

10:56   15 of 24 awards.  5/8

image10:57  “Glory”  John Legend and Common.    Nicely staged.