hope brando

Is it over? Can I start figuring out my March Madness brackets?

No? SIGH The things I do in my spare time…

11:04   HAHAHAHAHA!   Original Song.  But two weren’t performed?  Selma.  And we learn their real names!  Great speeches!

What’s left?  Score.  Two writing awards.  Two acting awards.  Director.  Picture.  And Lady Gaga.

11:13  Song of Music?  Really…  Wow.  Lady Gaga.   Never would I have imagined.   WOW.  She’s got pipes!  Grammys, and now Oscars.  She’s having a great year.

Oh wow….   pardon me… allergies acting up again…

11:20   Best Original Score:  The Grand Budapest Hotel

11:29  Eddie Murphy   (James Brown intro?)   Original Screenplay:  Birdman (spoiler!)  Is this the greatest number of winners for screenplay?  Usually, the more credited writers, the worse the screenplay.

turing11:33  Oprah Winfrey  (The Spy Who Loved Me intro?)   Best Adapted Screenplay: The Imitation Game.  (It would have been nice had they shown the actual book covers…)  Great speech!   Seen the movie?  Read the book!

11:41  Ben Affleck (I’ve got you under my skin intro?)  Best Director: Birdman

11:45  Three to go…

11:47   Best Actor.  Nice basic simple dress.  Eddie Redmayne.  The Theory of Everything.

11:53  (Eye of the Tiger?)  Best Actress:  Julianne Moore, Still Alice.

12:00  Magic Act.  Nice tux.

12:03  Best Picture.  Sean Penn.  Birdman

12:08  And we’re done!    Whoever did the titles…. give them a Key Award!  12:12 AM