Dark Horse is turning their distribution model inside out for three of their low selling series. Sundowners, The Ghost Fleet, and Resurrectionists are all shifting to digital first comics for sale on the Dark Horse application. Graphic novels will be available, but only after the stories finish their digital runs. These titles are all creator-owned series and set to become branded as the ‘Dark Horse Digital Exclusives.’

Anyone who has been reading either Sundowners, The Ghost Fleet, or Resurrectionists will have to seek out these titles digitally to finish the stories, unless they wait until the graphic novel versions launch in the fall.

Big Comic Page announced the news and included a blurb from author Tim Seeley with his take on the story:

“I’m not sure why some books succeed while others don’t, especially when I know Dark Horse has been making some super-cool, all-new, creator-owned material that I was proud to be part of. But I’m glad they’ve got the dedication and respect to ensure readers and creators get to bring their stories to a logical conclusion.”

Author Donny Cates also chimed in with his thoughts on the series:

“Since my very first baby steps with the company, Dark Horse has been incredibly welcoming and supportive—they take wild chances on wild creators with bananas ideas (Go get The Paybacks in September!)”

Finally, Fred Van Lente added his perspective:

“They’re all great comics, and moving them to the digital space is a great opportunity to give them another chance to thrive.”

Here is the solicitation information for the next set of trades for each series:

The Ghost Fleet Volume 2: Hammer Down

Donny Cates (writer), Daniel Warren Johnson (artist)

$14.99, 978-1-61655-711-9

Available 10/7/2015

Resurrectionists: Near-Death Experienced

Fred Van Lente (writer), Maurizio Rosenzweig (artist)

$19.99, 978-1-61655-760-7

Available 8/19/2015

Sundowners Volume 2

Tim Seeley (writer), Jim Terry (artist)

$19.99, 978-1-61655-785-0

Available 8/26/2015


  1. Would certainly like to know what the final single pamphlet issues of Ressurectionists and Sundowners are in the process of detailing this. Diamond has already stated that issue #4 of Ghost Fleet, which will finish the contents of the first trade was the last monthly print issue.

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