Moderated by DC co-publisher Dan DiDio, authors Kelly Sue DeConnick (Aquaman), Sean Murphy (Batman: White Knight), and Kami Garcia (Teen Titans: Raven) discussed their current DC Black Label projects during a panel at BookCon 2019.

Black Label is DC’s new venue for creators to “Tell deep comprehensive stories with our characters that really didn’t have to be caught up in continuity…” according to DiDio.

Having already announced a new Wonder Woman project, DeConnick described it as the history of the Amazons from their point of view, from their beginnings to when Trevor lands on the beach. She said she pitched this book as a Homeric epic with a woman at the center. In talking about the artist of the book Phil Jimenez, DeConnick said she was overwhelming happy at the work that this mega talented artist is putting out and that every once and a while he’ll post sketches on his Instagram, which makes his account worth the follow.

She sold me with this description: “A lush, epic godlike thing.”

Sean Murphy’s Curse of the White Knight is a bit of a sequel to his White Knight hit. He talked about how after 80 years of Batman, his solution to the great Harley Quinn debate, not wanting to draw gargoyles, what Batman would look like on CNN and how when he first pitched the book in 2015 his editor told him, “I don’t think anyone would ever vote for Joker,” and after the election of 2016 he said, “I think some people would.” Curse of the White Knight will reveal a secret that the Joker knows, a secret that Batman doesn’t know.

Last and fresh off of her YA DC Ink panel news, Kami Garcia shifts gears with artists Mike Mayhew and Mico Suayan to drop another comic gem with Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity.

In stores October 2nd of 2019, Garcia billed it as “a psychological thriller that’s the evolution of a psychopath…if you’re a total badass you’re going to go and make sure your door’s locked.”
The nine-issue title follows Harley Quinn, a forensic psychiatrist/profiler consulting for the Gotham City Police Department, hunting a vicious killer terrorizing Gotham, which will bring her face-to-face with the most notorious serial killer in Gotham’s history: the Joker. Look for a big panel and signing at this year’s New York Comic Con to help launch this book.


  1. Good, good. I remember the covers Mayhew did for Dan Slott’s She-Hulk, and that they alternated with others done by Greg Horn. Mayhew’s were always better, with less exploitative poses and more of Shulkie’s character. So I hold him in regard for that.
    Glad Amazonias hasn’t been derailed as I’ll jump for more Phil Jiminez WW. The author of Bitch Planet writing will be interesting, and to see what she brings to comics and wider mythoses

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