Next month, Heavy Metal will release Black Beacon #6. The final issue of the sci-fi series comes from writer Ryan K. Lindsay, artist Sebastián Piriz, and letterer Jame. Today The Beat is pleased to present an exclusive seven-page preview of the conclusion.

Here’s how Heavy Metal describes Black Beacon #6:

Everyone is dying. Niko and Bar resolve who they are, and what they want, and they act with truth in the final moments of this absolute disaster. Will the Black Beacon have been the biggest catastrophe in the universe, or will a silence of calm replace it? All paths converge in a conclusion so galactically shattering it will leave you questioning whether the right thing was done or not. Co-creators Ryan K Lindsay and Sebastián Píriz conclude this interstellar journey about discovery of both the cosmos and the human condition.

Black Beacon was originally serialized in the pages of Heavy Metal Magazine before its release as a six-issue miniseries. A collected edition of the series is currently slated to arrive in stores in August. Back before the serialization kicked off, Lindsay told The Beat about the experience of collaborating with Piriz:

“Co-creating the world of BLACK BEACON with Sebastián Piriz has been a career highlight because I get to work with an old friend, and I get to bask in the glow of someone so immensely smarter than me. The concepts and science and layers of this world continued to pour out of Seb’s head as we explored what a gigantic community built around a star on the other side of the universe would look like. I’ve then raced alongside him to make sure my scripts bring an emotional energy to our leading lady, Niko, and her journey of discovery as she encounters some really vibrant and exciting aspects of life throughout the universe. I think readers are going to get a feast for the eyes and the heart with this story.”

Black Beacon #6 (of 6) is due out in stores and digitally on Wednesday, April 13th. The final order cutoff date for the issue is next Monday, March 21st.