Next week, on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022, Sort of Super by Eric Gapstur with colors by Dearbhla Kelly will be published by Simon & Schuster… But you can get your first look at the new comic right here, today at The Beat!

Sort of Super

Sort of Super follows eleven-year-old Wyatt Flynn, who has experienced something incredible: he got superpowers! But forget “with great power comes great responsibility: Wyatt’s dad, who has been a tad on the overprotective side since Wyatt’s mom disappeared, decides that Wyatt’s way too young for superpowers. As a result, Wyatt must hide his abilities!

Soon, Wyatt is getting more and more frustrated about not being able to use his powers, especially to defend his friends Beto and Nara from the school bully. However, Wyatt’s younger sister points out that using his newfound superpowers to do good may just be more important than following their father’s rules!

But it turns out that lying to his father is no easier than lying to his friends. Nevertheless, Wyatt justifies his actions: making a difference in the community matters, right? And maybe he can even find out what happened to his mom!

Available March 22nd

What do you think of the preview pages, included below this article? When was the last time you saw sound FX executed this well? Will you be picking up Sort of Super when it arrives at your local bookstore or public library beginning on Tuesday, March 22nd?

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