Last month, Z2 Comics announced Eternal Blue, a new graphic novel collaboration between the publisher and Canadian metal band Spiritbox. Co-written by Spiritbox vocalist Courtney LaPlante and Jim Krueger, with art by Amilcar Pinna and Tríona Farrell, the graphic novel follows a young painter who is pulled into a supernatural world by a mystical artifact known as the Spiritbox. Today The Beat is pleased to present an exclusive five-page preview of the book, which is set for release in June.

Justin Cherry’s cover art for Eternal Blue

Here’s how Z2 describes Eternal Blue:

Eva is a popular painter on the verge of unbelievable acclaim and success, but her inability to reconcile the public perception of who she is, versus her actual self, allows the SPIRITBOX to transport her to a surreal world, where she finds herself trapped in the realm where all our false shadows become real and dangerous.

As with all Z2 Comics releases, Eternal Blue will be available in a both standard and deluxe editions; unlike other Z2 releases, though, one of the editions for the new graphic novel will actually allow fans to communicate with the dead. The $299 Platinum Edition of Eternal Blue, a limited edition of 500, includes the hardcover graphic novel signed by the band’s vocalist Courtney LaPlante, a set of art prints by Jason Levesque, four enamel pins…and an actual Spiritbox, a replica of the artifact from the book equipped with lights and sounds. As described by Z2:

This machine cycles through the radio frequency spectrum, creating a din of white noise that lost souls harness to communicate from beyond the veil. […] When activated, the box gives off a blue glow as it emits the noises of the spirit world. From the top of the box, an image of Eva is projected onto the ceiling.

No Spiritbox is required to read the graphic novel, though, so you can still check out the exclusive five-page preview of Eternal Blue below without having to worry about being contacted by spirits from beyond the grave (or can you…). The 144-page graphic novel is set to hit stores in June.