Brian K. Vaughan has alerted his mailing list that a new issue of Private Eye, his webcomic with Marcos Martin, is on the way any day now. Issue #4 will be out and to mark the occasion, Vaughan will take over the @PanelSyndicate twitter feed for all of October 9th.

Happy October, friends!  Because you’re our favorites, here’s an advance look at Marcos Martin’s breathtaking cover to THE PRIVATE EYE #4, another oversized issue of our ongoing pay-what-you want digital series about privacy in America’s future, coming very, VERY soon to

I’m so proud of this installment that I’m reluctantly breaking my Twitter silence to take over the account @PanelSyndicate for 24 hours this Wednesday, October 9.  Please follow us today, and ready yourself for pictures of lunch unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

This sounds too good to be true. Unleash cole slaw, BKV!


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