It’s New York Comic Con Week, as exemplified by this photo of the NYCC Camaro parked in front of NYC’s Forbidden Planet shop. Everyone I know is equal parts horrified and thrilled. NYCC kind of sneaks up on you—unlike the dreadnaught of San Diego Comic-Con, NYCC has always seemed like a simple matter by contrast—there’s no hotel lottery, no badge lottery, people can get booths. However that seeming bountiful supply has lulled us all into a false sense of security. I’ve already mentioned the scarcity of badges this year, but NYCC is still a huge undertaking that deserves perhaps more seriousness than it gets.

Today is my last day “in the office.” Although there’s a kickoff party tonight, I’ll have to skip it to get ready for tomorrow, but from 9 am on I’ll be in the Terrordome. All of the Beat’s usual ground crew members will be AT the show, so we may not be able to update as much as I’d like (unless there is a brave soul out there who wants to man our observation satellite.)

I’m very excited about all the panels I’m running! And here’s one I forgot to mention:

Date: Sunday, October 13 
12:15 pm – 1:15 pm
Location: 1A10
Speakers: Bonnie Burton, Jill Pantozzi, Joan Hilty, Kate Kotler, Meghan White, Molly McIsaac, Sarah Miller, Heidi MacDonald, Nicole Wakelin
A live version of the popular GeekNation Comix Chix podcast, host Kate Kotler gathers some of the most awesome and funny female comic Creators, Journalists and Uber-Fans to discuss events, past and present, that shape women’s experiences in the comics industry.

While I normally disapprove of “women in comics” panels, Comix Chix is an exception in that instead of lumping together and marginalizing a bunch of disparate people by their gender, it focuses on people who address gender issues and gives them a chance to talk about them. I really enjoyed the panel I did at C2E2 on this topic—and learned a LOT from it. Hope you can come by!

Anyway, I will survive. We all will. I hope. Torsten has his survival guide ready for tomorrow morning, and I’ll run some more exclusives and who’s where as we go along.


  1. This seems to be the year NYCC matches San Diego in marketing.

    There are not a lot of media companies at NYCC (which is surprising, as every major studio has a major publicity factory in Manhattan). Unless they are forgoing booths and just running panels. (A strategy DC seems to have replicated this year.)

    I hope they sync the escalators in parallel, so that both run in the same direction. Otherwise, the 1A-Artists Alley-3A juncture will be even worse this year.

    And, to qualify for government funding, there is the required “women in comics” panel on Thursday:
    Date: Thursday, October 10
    3:15 pm – 4:15 pm
    Location: 1A15
    Speakers: Claudia McGivney, Megan Kociolek, Amy Chu, Becky Cloonan, Emily Weisenstein, Erica Schultz, Laura Pope-Robbins

  2. There’s also plenty of action happening off-site as well. Case in point: Jamal Igle and Action Lab will host a “Molly Danger” release party at Jim Hanley’s Universe from 9 – mindnight on Saturday the 12th. They’ll have copies of the book available, and there’ll be a special preview of the upcoming “Molly Danger” radio drama from AudioComics (along with sales of the former and pre-orders of the latter).

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

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