If you’ve been online in the past year, perhaps you’ve been fortunate enough to come across one what is inarguably one of the best consequences of social media: Bite Sized Archie.

This weekly three- or four-panel webcomic is written by Archie Comics Director of Social Media & Publicity Ron Cacace and illustrated by Archie Comics Art Director/Editor Vincent Lovallo, and it gives the Riverdale crew the chance to offer a weekly comment on the good, the bad, and the meme-worthy.

The Big Bite Sized Journey 

The Bite Sized comic that could started in the most unlikely of places: lunch.

“I never would have guessed that a lunch-time sketch and a friendly conversation would turn into a social media phenomenon,” Lovallo said in the official press release from Archie Comics.

“Our series is all about continuing the amazing legacy of Archie Comics, which is telling topical stories that reflect on pop culture trends featuring relatable characters and delivering them in an easy-to-digest format,” Cacace said in the press release. “By publishing as a weekly webcomic, we’ve been able to jump on topics faster than ever before while remaining uniquely ‘Archie.’ And thanks to Vincent’s adorably authentic art style, we’ve been embraced by everyone who has read our stories.”

According to Lovallo, the print collection is the consequence of public demand that has arisen over the course of the irresistable webcomic’s first year.

“We’ve received countless requests on social media for a physical edition of Bite Sized Archie and it’s so exciting to reveal that it’s finally happening,” he said in the press release. “And, despite having ‘bite sized’ in the title, we’re loading up this print collection with the complete first year of strips, concept art, and other goodies that will surely satisfy all our readers!”


The print collection comes just a few months after Bite Sized Archie revealed it was being syndicated online by Tinyview and being releasing as a digital collection on ComiXology.

The collection will come in at 112 pages, and it will be available through the Direct Market on April 27th, 2022, and at bookstores on May 17th, 2022.

Not the Paper-Worthy Archie Comic!

In addition to Bite Sized Archie, there are plenty of other Archie-related reasons to head to your local comic shop, from the upcoming ninth issue of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to the currently available Everything’s Archie, a one-shot that pits America’s favorite teenager against America’s arch-nemesis: late-stage capitalism.

Have you been following Bite Sized Archie? Will you be picking up the print collection when it arrives in 2022? Let The Beat know what you’re thinking, either here in the comment section or over on social media @comicsbeat!