In Bite Sized Archie by Ron Cacace and Vincent Lovallo, you can get everything that you’re looking for out of an Archie Comics story… but condensed down to just four (or even three) panels!

“Long tails, and ears for hats!” It’s right there in the song, Archie.

New Bite Sized Archie strips have been released each Friday since December 2020, so there are currently 23 entries for you to peruse.

I ducking hate it when this happens…

Many of the comics play with metafictional conventions, with one example commenting on the fact that Archie has been in high school for eight decades.

Seems like Pep Comics #22 was just yesterday, doesn’t it, Archiekins?

And you can expect plenty of jokes about social media! While the internet may have already arrived in the larger Archie universe, you can expect an extra amount of Twitter jokes in the offing here, which is perhaps unsurprising thanks to the fact that Cacace was recently promoted to the position of Director of Publicity and Social Media at Archie Comics.

Some integral advice on Twitter from Jughead Jones, Glutton Gamer.

In addition to Bite Sized Archie strips featuring the more classic incarnation of the Riverdale gang and their online interactions, there’s also entries that pay homage to some of the other titles from Archie Comics, including books in the Archie Horror line Afterlife with Archie and Vampironica.

This kills vampires, right? Right.

These can be especially fun, as they may even incorporate some of the visual aesthetic from the comic to which they are paying homage!

Channeling the Afterlife with Archie art of Francesco Francavilla with Sabrina.

Have you had a chance to check out Bite Size Archie, perhaps over a cheeseburger at Pop’s Diner? Did you have a favorite entry in the series so far? Let The Beat know what you think, either here in the comment section or over on social media @comicsbeat!