Blizzard went quiet about Overwatch 2 soon after it was revealed at the very rocky BlizzCon 2019, but finally lifted that silence with the Overwatch 2 Developer PVP Livestream. The stream didn’t offer a release date, but it did feature new abilities, locations, designs, and concept art for the sequel. You can watch the entire Overwatch 2 livestream below.

The biggest piece of news from the event was that teams in Overwatch 2 would be made up of 5 members instead of the 6v6 PvP found in the original Overwatch. Overwatch director Aaron Keller said that he hopes the change will make the game easier to track for players and streamline the experience. Some of the characters will be redesigned to adapt to the shift in team size and a stricter limit on how many “tank” heroes can be on the battlefield at once.

Overwatch 2 livestream logo

Balancing a game to both appeal to casual gamers and professional players, whose play styles constantly shift as the community discovers new strategies, is no easy task. We’ll have to see how well the new team makeup works players of all sorts when Overwatch 2 arrives.