Marvel went to USA Today this morning to break the news that author Brian Michael Bendis is switching from X-Men to the new Invincible Iron Man title. David Marquez of Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man is joining Bendis on pencils alongside color artist Justin Ponsor. This isn’t the first time that the author has written the character, as Tony Stark has been an Avengers founding member with roots tracing back to the 1960’s. In Bendis’ early 2000’s run on the title, the author utilized the character of Stark.

At the Next Big Thing panel via Special Edition: NYC CBR confirmed that Tony Stark is under the mantle of the brand new Iron Man suit seen in the All-New, All-Different Marvel teaser. In the USA Today article, a quote from Bendis cited his inspiration for the book as the recent Marvel Studios film Iron Man 3 inspired by the screwdriver lying around in Stark’s wrecked mansion in Malibu:

It’s like a brand-new kind of technology but it still brings out the classic Iron Man. You just get all the Iron Mans at once, plus some new ones.

The most recent Iron Man title (aside from Armor Wars) published was written by Marvel newcomer Tom Taylor, who chronicled the villainous motivations of Tony Stark as the Superior Iron Man. Stark’s personality was even more eccentric as the Superior Iron Man relapsed into alcohol and suited up in symbiotic armor powered from the classic Spider-Man rogue Venom.


  1. This . . . actually seems like a good fit for Bendis.

    Solo character? Check.

    Talky dude? Check.

    Unencumbered by continuity because the previous volume bombed? Check.

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