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There were quite a few announcements the NYCC Special Edition Marvel panel. We learned of the fall launch of a new line of $1 comics featuring women of Marvel, saw new pages from the upcoming Lando Calrissian limited series, and were told of a new post-Secret Wars Iron Man series from Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez.

But perhaps the most interesting moment of the panel was when Bendis, speaking on the dais with Marguerite Bennett (A-Force) and Charles Soule (Inhumans: Attilan Rising), said that Secret Wars was “never planned to be a reboot” to the Marvel Universe, and that “no continuity would be damaged or reversed.” Bendis explained that Secret Wars was always meant to be part of on-going continuity.

Bennett received loud applause when speaking to a fan during the Q & A portion of the panel who asked her what advice she had for women and girls interested in the comics industry. “Don’t be scared,” Bennett replied, “I’ve had one of the worst weeks of my life with hate mail and it doesn’t matter.” Bennet said she would “prove through my work, I’m not going anywhere.”

Sound issues plagued the presentation, which alternately found Bendis yelling into his mic and audience members having to approach the panel and speak into their mics to be heard over a panel in the adjacent space (separated only by a curtain).

Keep reading for panel exclusive images of forthcoming series, including those never before seen pages from the upcoming Charles Soule penned series Lando!

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The new “True Believers” line of $1 comics debuts in September 2015, and will feature a women of Marvel theme for it’s first 10 issues.

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Marvel also showed art from their forthcoming variant covers, including several images from an upcoming line of Manga variants. A House of M variant cover was shown, drawn by Katsuya Terada (Blood: The Last Vampire).

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Marvel’s variant announcements continued with images of a line of variant covers honoring the fast-growing cosplay scene.

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Artist Alex Maleev joins Soule for the upcoming Lando limited series. Soule said the series would have “a lot of twists and turns” but that it would be the charming, “smarmy” Lando we all know and love, as con-exclusive images were shown on the big screen.

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“New Armor, new villains,” said Bendis of his upcoming Invincible Iron Man series, scheduled for release following Secret Wars. He promised the series’ first issue would have a “whopper of a last page,” and reveal the identity of Tony Stark’s biological parents. He also confirmed that, despite internet rumor, it was indeed Stark inside the Iron Man suit. Though he wouldn’t confirm how many limbs Stark still had following the events of Secret Wars.

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When a fan approached the panel to ask “how important are the X-Men” after Secret Wars, Bendis joked, “it’s almost like Marvel is screwing around with people who have X-Men paranoia.”

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  1. I kinda wish they would reboot. Filling that 10-15 year span of time that all the stories take place in with more and more stuff is getting ridiculous. Can you imagine spending the last 15 years having everything that has happened to Peter Parker happen to you?

  2. so in the end the rumors of a “new 52” style reboot are just that……rumors. after months of stringing everyone along, the truth comes out. i read somewhere that EIC alonzo confirmed that the reboot rumors were rumors (tho’ i did not read a direct quote from alonzo himself). still, it looks like there will be some major changes here and there and some questions remain unanswered about the f.f. (tho’ it looks like ben grimm and johnny storm will still be around), and the majority of x-men characters. also, considering that there will be no reboot it’s pretty much a safe bet that somewhere down the line steve rogers will become captain america again (hopefully sam wilson will reprise his role as falcon and doesn’t end up getting killed off) and thor odinson will again become the one and only thor. both of these events will probably take place a few months before their movies hit the theaters, so there’s plenty of time to explore the stories of the replacement characters, but as usual, the originals eventually come back. so it would seem that the “all-new” , “all-different” marvel universe will consist of lots of character shuffling, minor changes to some of the character history, and that the bulk of continuity will remain intact. pretty much leaving the door open to bringing back the status quo of the marvel universe (and any of it’s characters) whenever marvel (or the fans) want that to happen.

  3. abc,

    I suspect you’ll have to wait a bit longer in Steve Rogers’ case. I have no spoilers, only the hope that Civil War follows its source.

    I can see Captain American getting killed to have Falcon take his place. With the inevitable resurrection of Steve Rogers occurring in the Infinity Gauntlet.

    Silly but True

  4. silly but true,
    not sure where the civil war story is going ’cause I haven’t been following it (just the main secret wars title, but I haven’t started reading those yet , I’m thinking i’ll probably start reading them later this week) but it seems that there are multiple steve rogers’ running around battleworld as there are multiple hulks, thors, spider-men, etc., as shown by all the different books that have different versions of the same characters in them, who knows which version will end in the main stream books once they start up again (my guess would be that some of the multiple versions will be squished into one new version of each character, tho’ I wouldn’t bet money on that, or maybe the “616” versions of the multi-verse will triumph over all the other versions and survive into the new marvel universe), and a lot of these “warzone” and “battleworld” books seem to be a whole slew of “what if’s” that will have no bearing on the marvel universe once the secret wars are over. don’t know if you’ve seen the promo sneak peak art that shows what some of the characters will look like once secret wars is over that’s been released over the past few days , but in one of the promos it shows steve rogers in his “commander rogers” uniform, still aged , but alive and well. while I don’t expect everything to be the same when the main stream marvel universe returns, I have a feeling that much of the marvel universe will pick up where it left off before secret wars. I guess we’ll see. hey, I’m just happy to see that it’s not a “new 52” type reboot. if it was , I was gonna have to stop my almost fifty year span of collecting marvel comics, which would have left me more time to pursue my other hobbies, ballroom dancing, yodeling, and competitive toe clipping. :)

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