In an increasingly crowded superhero television landscape, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow looks to be the small-screen team-up equivalent of The Avengers. For a series that basically posits itself as a DC superteam vs. Vandal Savage, I’m not sure you can ask for much more.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter this week, one of the series’ stars, Victor Garber, confirmed that the new Arrow/Flash spin-off would be getting a 15 episode order by The CW and will debut in the 2016 midseason. Garber also stated that the series won’t be a one-shot deal:

They [The CW] aren’t going to introduce a limited series. This isn’t HBO. They want the Full Monty.

Additionally, he stated that he will be returning for season 2 of The Flash, where both he and Robbie Amell will reunite as Firestorm. Amell will not be joining Legends of Tomorrow as a regular, but is expected to make an appearance.

On a related note, Lexi Alexander, the director of Punisher: War Zone (a film that’s received some level of critical reevaluation of the past number of years since its initial release) stated on Twitter that she will be directing an episode of Arrow in its upcoming fourth season.

Alexander revealed this tidbit in response to a question about being approached by Marvel Studios to direct any of their Netflix programming:


She then followed this up with a statement via The Mary Sue:

To wake up to hundreds of excited mentions and tweets regarding my directing an Arrow episode is really unexpected and very touching.

I would have revealed it earlier but honestly didn’t think people would care this much. My managers and I had a meeting at the beginning of the year in which we decided to really push for TV directing jobs, as my focus has been shifted from meeting or developing features to pitching and developing TV shows myself.

I’m also pitching my own comic book to publishers in the next few weeks so directing genre TV is a perfect way to all around creative.

Arrow‘s fourth season is aiming to creatively revamp the series a bit after a somewhat less successful third season, by most accounts. This is a step in the right direction, particularly given Alexander’s action chops. She and Arrow‘s stunt-team may end up being a perfect match. It has not yet been announced which episode she’ll direct.