It should come as no surprise that the US post Office that has Spidey swinging over traffic as a symbol of its speedy delivery seems to like superheroes. Thus news of a special Batman stamp set to be released n October 9, tie-in with NY Comic Con, should be no surprise.. The stamps will be “Forever” denomination — Although worth 49¢ now, they will always buy first class postage for as long as we have that service. The stamp sheet will feature eight designs covering the range of Batman ers, from long-eared Jerry Robinson to high tech New 52.

Batman-stamp-1 Batman-stamp-Golden-Age Batman-Stamp-Silver-Age Batman-stamp-Bronze-Age

I don’t know about you but I’m going to stock up on these for the once a month time I mail a check.


  1. notes five designs. But the full sheet has four rectangular stamps (seen above) and four different Bat icons.

    In the annual commemorative volume, will the USPS identify the artists and designers, like they do for the other stamps?

    Round stamps are uncommon in the U.S.
    2000 marked the first issue, a hologram space stamp. That series also included the first pentagonal U.S. stamps.

    There are also four Forever globals stamps, two in 2013 and two in 2014. (Earth Day, Christmas)

    Of course, there are numerous items available for philatelists and comicists.

    For those who are curious, the First Day zip code is 10199, the James Farley Post Office near Penn Station (which also includes the Morgan General Mail Facility and the Manhattan Vehicle Maintenance Facility). The Javits’ zip code is 10001.

    Not to be confused with the Batman LPO in Coburg, VIC 3058 Australia. (Google “John Batman” for the downlow.)

  2. Love the Dick Sprang style one. (Is it accidental that it all went to crap after they got rid of purple skies – I don’t think so).

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